Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bethany's 8th birthday party

We had Bethany a surprise party last weekend, almost a week before her birthday. It was so fun planning and preparing for it. My sister helped me out with the decorations and my mom helped out with keeping Bethany busy all day while we got everything together.
She was VERY surprised. I was a little uncertain what her response might be, she likes to be in the know and prepared for things. She seemed to not mind the surprise but was really shocked.
We had sack races and an egg race. It was funny to watch. Brady loved both races, I don't have a picture of it, but he carried a rock on his spoon and each time he dropped his rock he would get mad.

Jenna gave Bethany a brush and mirror compact, something she really wanted. After she opened it she said, "Thank you Jenna, give me a kiss." She loved all of her gifts, all of them were perfect. At the top of her list, she had wanted a Tangled doll, it's a wonder the doll has any hair left. She couldn't stop brushing her hair to eat cake.
It's crazy how big she is, I was shocked when she started reading her cards aloud. Uncle Bill's was the funniest.
 Bethany felt very special, as she should. We love her so much and are so very, very proud of our growing girl. Thanks to all our family who was able to come and celebrate.


Sarann said...

How fun! I really admire you Miranda, I am just getting used to life with two kids and I think you do an incredible job with your five. You are an inspiration!

Miranda said...

Thank you Sarann! After reading your comment I had to stop by your blog to catch up, I didn't realize that you had #2! How awesome is she?! So sweet and tiny. Congratulations!!