Friday, September 7, 2012

Just the two of us

They say that time is a thief, but I say it is an incredible gift. Years go by so quickly, these days race past, they. are. full. There is too much to remember, so much to treasure. What blessings have been given to us, what provisions have been lavished upon what started out as just the two of us.
9 years have passed since we said, "I Do." They have been the fullest, sweetest years of my life. If someone would've told me all that would happen in these first 9 years, I would have shook my head and said it wasn't so. I had 5 kids in 9 years, went into labor on my first anniversary with the first one. 5 months after Bethany was born I struggled to make it through Joseph's pregnancy and nursing with Graves Disease, then Jenna's pregnancy and nursing. I had my thyroid removed when she was 14 months old, then plummeted into the deepest thyroid drama and full blown mono 3 months later. 6 months later, just as I was beginning to regain my health, I found out I was pregnant with Brady. 16 months after Brady was born, Anne was born.
All of that is just the major highlights from these first years of marriage. Certainly not tragic, certainly filled with joy and happiness, abundant blessing in all of that, 5 beautiful lives that are growing and thriving. The Lord has been good, He has healed and protected. He continues to provide for all of our needs daily. We have seen and felt His hand in our lives, we have seen miracles happen, big miracles.
Our love started out so sweet and innocent, committed and determined. We look back at that love now and are amazed at how much it has grown. Our love is stronger than ever, more powerful than anything I could have imagined. I remember being afraid of losing that new-fresh love. I never wanted it to leave us, I worried and cried while pregnant with Bethany that what we had would be lost forever. I worried that life was going to overtake our relationship, that we were going to fall into this giant hole of parenting and give up ourselves and what we had together. I was so afraid we were going to lose just the two of us.
Nothing could have been farther from what happened. Our lives did become more stressful and busy and selfless. We did give up things, things we'd never trade back if we could. We learned to work hard for what mattered most, we learned much about each other. We faced hard situations and our own hard hearts. I learned that that new-fresh love is weak compared to this deep love, that continues to deepen. Looking back I realize that I doubted the love we had because I was so afraid it could be lost. Now I know that our love is real. I trust Joe's love for me, I trust him.

 He has been the rock to us, he has given when it wasn't returned. He has been selfless, understanding of things he couldn't understand. He has been determined to make things right, even when he wasn't wrong. He determined to be what I needed, even when I couldn't be who he needed. He is strong and determined. He is committed and loyal. He is my truest friend and his love for me is extravagantly humbling.
We haven't been perfect, we aren't perfect. We have learned and grown and we know that we will continue to learn and grow. It's exciting and scary to think of all that waits for us in the future, but I know that God is faithful. These first 9 years are a treasure to me, a gift.
Life here is lively, it is loud, but we are still just the two of us. After the kids are tucked into bed and we talk about what we want to talk about uninterrupted, as we glance across the room at each other and share this life together, when we very occasionally get to spend time together away from the kids and the house, it is still very much just the two of us. Happy 9th anniversary to just the two of us! I am so thankful to the Lord for all that He has done for us and all that He has given to us, we owe everything we are to Him.


Wanting What I Have said...

What a precious post and tribute to your man and your marriage! I can relate to everything you shared. That deep, been through the fire, wiped your brow, cleaned up your messes, poured myself out for you kind of love shared by husband and wife is so, very beautiful. A sweet picture of Christ and His bride. Happy ninth anniversary! Y'all rock!!!

Miranda said...

Thanks Jenn! You are sweet!