Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Settling in

 Anne went to the doctor last week for her four month check up. She weighed 14 lbs 4oz and was 24 in long, putting her in the 50% for weight and 30% for height. She is good, so good.

 She is laid back, really calm and not in any hurry to roll around. She reminds me of Joseph as a baby, minus the first 10 months of 24 hour colic. Our doctor said she is growing fine. Although she doesn't like to bear weight on her legs, she can and although she doesn't roll around, she is doing great things. Things like grabbing and following us with her eyes as we cross the room, she lights up when she sees us and jabbers.
She discovered her feet last week. She really likes looking at them and grabbing for them and sitting in the swing with them over her head! It's so cute!
Bethany wanted to make a cheese cake for her birthday. It turned out beautiful. I had the idea of making it in a springform pan and Bethany realized she had the option of making a heart. I'd never tried it but it came out awesome. Thanks for that Pampered Chef bridal shower 9 years ago! :)
Since we have the party a week prior to her birthday we celebrated again of course. She went on a date with Joe. They went shopping with gift cards she received at her party. She had a great time.
Joseph had us all laughing the other night as he tried to eat corn on the cob without his two front teeth. We had fun teasing him about being the Turtleman.

It's been a busy, long day. I've been working on moving Anne into the girls room, which prompted cleaning their room, leaving the hallway impassible, my room a mess and stuff everywhere for Brady to get into. He has learned to climb bunk bed ladders, yay me! {And we have two bunks!}The boy is going non-stop all of his waking hours. He does not play with his toys or watch movies, he is into something always.
 Both of the girls are super excited for Anne to move in with them. Jenna is beyond thrilled and cannot wait!
I hope Anne feels the same way! Seems like we are always switching rooms and I am continually detoxing. I know it will be so worth all the chaos when things are in order and cleaned out.
The kids are all in bed and my own bed is calling. {LOUDLY} I asked Joe to clear a path for me.


Sarann said...

I can't wait until my Katy gets to that fun stage of being more content and actually doing things instead of just eat, cry, sleep. Your family is beautiful!

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Love the toes pictures! That cheesecake looks A-MAZ-ING!