Monday, September 17, 2012

The girls room with 3

The girls are all moved in together. So far, so good, except for the fact that I have farther to stumble if Anne wakes in the night, which is still often. Bethany and Jenna don't seem to mind and usually don't hear her crying. They both are happy to have her join them.
This past week I haven't been sleeping well, I am physically exhausted but my brain just won't close up shop and call it a day. I have laid in bed until 2 AM every night trying to convince myself it's time to sleep but instead getting angry because I'm still awake. I'm not sure if my sleep troubles are because I've started running and sometimes that seems to mess up my body or if I'm just stressing too much. Stressing about things that do no good to stress about, I tell myself that but my brain just won't give it up. It really does seem like something off with my body.
I've been spending all extra time trying to clean out the house and get things in order for a yard sale. The kids want to have a yard sale to raise money for BGMC and I needed to do a massive clean out anyway. It's hard to daily accomplish much extra when my time is already loaded with constant necessities, nursing, changing diapers, fixing food, washing dishes and laundry and full days of school. This past week was the kind of week that Joe asked me 3 different days if I was sure the coffee we are drinking is caffeinated, we both felt the added busyness.
On a more positive note, Brady has started talking up a storm. He is adding to his vocabulary and putting 3 and  4 words together.  This has been especially great because he is communicating beyond things that have to do with eating, sleeping and saying names. We have noticed his frustration and aggression improve a bunch. He has always been such a happy boy and though he was still very smiley and happy, he was angry alot. Part of his temper is his nature, but most of it is his age, being almost two. He is adorable, we are all always doting on him, now his new words get him even more attention. He is very smart and just this little bit of talking has given us more insight to how attentive and observant he is.
Words are so powerful, I've been thinking about this for several months. Brady's new speech reminded me of this again. I was also reminded the other day when I attended a home school meeting. I was talking with a lady about homeschool co-op. {A home school co-op is where home educators get together once a week or every other week and do classes together. Parents help out by teaching classes to groups of kids. There are many benefits and will likely be something that appeals to me when our kids are older.}
This woman was asking me if our family was going to be doing a co-op and I said, "No, with so many little ones, I just can't." She looked at me completely clueless and said, "You can, you just don't want to!" Seriously?! I wanted to tell her she was offensive, I don't have two children like she does and only one of them school age. I wanted to ask if she ever tried getting out all day with 5 children, two in diapers and one nursing. I wanted to ask if she thought I could really be involved in what each of them were learning in 5 different classrooms. I wanted to ask her if she really thought I needed another obligation, by teaching a class or watching a nursery. I wanted to tell her we only have one vehicle, so this would mean I would have to get all the kids up early and take Joe to school.
Instead I said, "No, I can't. I mean yes I could, but for me to stay sane, no. I can't." Then I ended the conversation and struck up a conversation with another lady. This home school mom has 6 children most of them older than mine. She is involved in a co-op as well and loves it. We were talking about curriculum and plans for the school year, I began telling her why I can't do a co-op, she stopped me and said, "Well, yeah! That'd be crazy, your plate is full right now." Her understanding words meant so much to me, they validated that I wasn't just being a lazy mom, she had been here and knows.
This small instance is just a reminder, how words have power, they can make you feel alone or make you feel understood, make you feel judged or make you feel accepted. Words have power!
Bethany has started classical choir this school semester. I am excited to hear her singing in the house. She likes it and had an interest in learning more about singing. She has only gone 2 weeks, but I am so glad she has this opportunity to learn something by herself, taught by someone else.
I showed up to a bridal shower recently, about to walk in the door, I looked down and noticed my shirt was inside out! Thank goodness, I realized! Wow. sometimes I think my brain is dying.
Note: I had to hold the kids at bay to get the pictures of the clean room, as soon I was finished they were ready to storm it and tear it to pieces. Clean rooms just aren't a reality, especially with Brady around.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...I am so glad you added the disclaimer about the clean room at the end. I was reading your post and looking at your pictures with growing jealousy. My house is a horrible, disgusting wreck that I can barely manage with two...and you have five. I was feeling highly inadequate until I read your disclaimer. =) Nate told me he gets frustrated with my piles all around the house...but I just remind him that I work from home and don't have a desk space (can't use Selah's room bc I work when she sleeps and there is no where downstairs to put my desk...which means I just have piles I pray the girl's don't get into!). I also have two girl's that love to create messes in one area of the house while I'm cleaning's just like with young children! ~Erin

Miranda said...

Their room has gotten much easier for them to maintain because we only keep a few toys in the house, still more than I know what to do with. Bethany and Jenna do a pretty good job keeping it picked up and neat, but the door doesn't latch and Brady is always going in and pulling clothes out of the dresser or home wrecking the doll houses or robbing Bethany's jewelry box!! At this age it's hard to keep the little ones from getting into everything, and I try so hard to keep things up. The problem is it's never high enough!