Thursday, October 11, 2012

10-10-2012 The day Jesus came to live inside of Jenna

Revelations 3:20 
Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

Several weeks ago, Jenna told Joseph that she was going to ask Jesus into her heart that day. He told us and Joe and I talked to her about it. We explained what that meant but agreed to talk with her more about it later because we were on our way out the door. Jenna is very light hearted and carefree, she is giddy and goofy. We really doubted her sincerity and understanding. I confess that we didn't bring it back up, partly because we didn't make time to and partly because we weren't really sure she was ready. I can be such a dumb mommy sometimes!
Yesterday, Jenna said, "I'd really like to ask Jesus into my heart today Mommy!" I asked her why and she said because Jesus loved her. I asked her how she knows He loves her and she said, "Because he died on the cross." I then asked why He died on the cross and she said, "For my sins." I asked her what Jesus does when He comes to live inside of her and she said, "Forgives all my sins." And when I asked what it means when you die if you have Jesus in  your heart and she said, "You go to heaven with Jesus forever." Seems like she understands!

{I also asked her if Jesus was still dead and she said, "No, after several years he rose again." :)}
We prayed together, at lunch, as she was eating peanut butter and jelly . She was in her jammies, her hair was a mess, she was barefoot. I told her she can always talk to Jesus no matter what she is doing, who she is with or what she looks like. I want her to know what she was like when she asked Jesus into her heart. She is everything there is to be about childlike.

Later that afternoon, she thought it would be fun to use two bottles of nail polish as maracas, bright sparkly pink nail polish. One the bottles cracked wide open and nail polish spilled all over the tan carpet in the boys room. I frantically worked to clean it up for 45 minutes with no success. I even poured nail polish remover on it, still nothing. I searched YouTube for ideas but still no help. Lastly I got a comb and started picking it out of the carpet. I was able to get most of it up and only a hint of pink remains. I still keep walking by wondering if all the nail polish remover is going to magically eat a giant hole in the carpet.
Brady broke a piece off the outside dryer vent while playing outside the other day. When Jenna told me about it I said, I guess we'd have to buy a new one. She gasped and said, "A NEW HOUSE?!?"
I never thought I'd say this about me own child, and I obviously I write this with no meanness, but she is such a blonde. Truly, she is. She got up from the supper table the other night and told us she was going to spit out her gum in the kitchen garbage can. She left and came back, looked at us and said, "Ummm, can somebody please tell me what I gonna do?"
Love her!! We are all so excited that she has Jesus living inside of her!



What a beautiful little girl. And how perfectly she captures the verse "Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven".

BARBIE said...

This warms my heart. So proud of your little girl. Our young ones know when they are ready,, don't they!

~Mamma~ said...

Happy Spiritual Birthday Jenna! Papaw and I are so proud of you.
I pray you always have that same eagerness and love for Jesus.
Yes, Jesus sure does love you!

Forest Rose said...

Love this! Bless her heart! Thanks for sharing this special moment. Love & blessings.

Forest Rose