Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy day

So, the end of fall break was pretty awesome! Several weeks ago, the kids and I were reading the Bible and read the story of Jesus being baptized. Bethany and Joseph both asked Jesus into their hearts, Bethany over 2 years ago and Joseph over a year ago. Being baptized is something we figured they would decide to do when the time was right for them, when they fully understood. We never asked them if it was something they wanted to do, so after reading about baptism, they both said they would like to get baptized.
I was more nervous, that they would be nervous, than they were nervous. Both of them were confident that this is what they wanted to do, to make a public statement that they choose to live their lives for Christ. Neither of them were the least bit hesitant. Part of the reason they were so comfortable is because they have a relationship with our pastor and he really makes them feel special.
Sunday came and Joseph volunteered to go first. Bethany and Joseph both could hardly be seen over the edge of the baptismal. Our pastor held them up so they could each share what Jesus means to them. Both of them answered the question in their own words without any help or counsel from us.
Joseph said, "It means that you read God's Word and He does something good for you and then you go and do something good for others."
Bethany's answer blessed me because it was very personal for her and not an answer that she thought she should give. When asked what Jesus means to her she said, "That I can always trust Him and depend on Him."
We also dedicated Anne the same Sunday, so it was a very special day. Truly there are no greater moments as a parent than to see your children choose to serve the Lord and honor Him.

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