Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Killer weekend

 These past few days have been a whirlwind. I had two photo shoots over the weekend and they were fun, yet exhausting. I was grateful, so grateful for the business but the reality of me prepping for photoshoots, having them and then editing them, is they are very time consuming. Time away from Joe and the kids, or time I'm with them but not really present. It creates alot of extra work on Joe and my regular "stuff" gets pushed to the side and waits for me to return.
 After my last shoot on Saturday, Jenna, Anne and I took a walk in my parents woods to enjoy the amazing weather and beauty. It was so nice, I needed time away from photography and it was perfect. I say that but I took my camera, just for fun.
 Jenna and I had an awesome walk, she was hoping to find Touch-Me-Nots like we did on a walk last summer. I had told we would find something else neat and sure enough we found a woolly worm. She was thrilled with it and carried it the entire time. She named him, Fuzzy-Ball with the nickname, Spike. As always I love her fearless, curious way with creepy-crawly things. She amazes me.
Jenna took a picture of me and Anne with Spike too.

{If you are against the killing of animals or don't want to read the best hunting story ever, you can end your reading here, no hard feelings.}
This is completely new content for sippycupsandfingerprints.com and it seems a little out of place for me even. My kids are definitely getting older, three of them well past the sippycup stage, but they are still leaving their fingerprints on today that turn into memories tomorrow. That is what this place is all about, realizing that whatever stage we are in, it is ever changing and ever precious. I didn't see this story coming for a few more years!
My dad took Joseph hunting this weekend, it was Joseph's first time ever hunting. He was beyond excited to go this year, he thinks about hunting, guns and camo all the time. Friday night he spent the night with my dad so that they could get up early and get to their tree stand. We didn't know how he would like sitting in a tree stand for hours. Joseph is laid back and he is a really calm boy, so hunting fits him, but he is also getting ready to turn 7, so we just didn't know.
We saw him after their morning stake out in the deer stand and he loved it and was ready to go back for more hours that evening. He took a nap in the afternoon, and again they sat in the tree stand but didn't see anything too exciting. Joseph was loving it though and didn't make one complaint about being cold or tired or bored or his bottom hurting.
We all were under the impression that if they saw a great deer my dad would shoot it and of course Joseph would love to be apart of that. None of us expected Joseph to take more than an observation part the experience, he was just tagging along. Joseph had only shot a .22 and a BB gun. We plan to take him to a hunter safety course in a week or so, just because he is so curious about guns and hunting, not really because we planned on him doing any "real" hunting of his own.  So during their time in the tree stand Joseph practiced sighting in grass and things with the scope on the gun.
 On Sunday, he and my dad went out again in the late afternoon. What they thought was a 6 point buck came into the opening and my dad wasn't going to shoot it, he was going to hold out for something bigger. Joseph however, kept asking if he could shoot it, until my dad gave in. Joseph sighted the deer in on the scope and my dad told him he could shoot it if he thought he could get a good shot. My dad decided to give up his buck tag so that Joseph could kill the deer.
Joseph doesn't remember alot of what happened right before he shot the gun now, but several times he said, "Papaw, I'm shaking." and my dad told him to take a deep breath. Finally, Daddy told him he was going to have to shoot if he thought he could make a good shot. For the first time ever, Joseph pulled the trigger and fired a muzzle loader. I had him write a story about it for school today and he wrote, "I pulled the trigger on 'em."
Joseph called Joe right after and said, "Daddy, I shot a deer!" I was in the room and heard Joe say, "NO WAY! You shot a deer?" Our first thought was maybe they had to track the deer or they didn't know if it was dead yet. Joe asked him, "Is it dead?" "It's half dead." Joseph said. Joseph was still having such an adrenaline rush he said, "It's got 6 ears." meaning 6 points. We just couldn't believe that he had shot a deer!
We loaded up the kids and headed to where they were and to see for ourselves. He had a very calm excitement about it all. By the time we came it was almost pitch dark but I could see that he was beaming. He couldn't stand still but was very composed.
 I had wondered if his soft heart could actually shoot a deer, I asked if he felt bad about it afterwards and he said no. When I asked if it hurt when the gun kicked back he said he didn't feel it, his ears were just ringing.
We found out it was actually an 8 point buck and a really nice size. Joe and I both were so shocked and proud of him. It was unreal to see our 6 year old had shot this huge gun and took a pretty good shot. We didn't even realize he knew where to shoot a deer. He said he knew because Papaw had told him the day before, but I guess he had watched enough hunting shows too. The deer fell right where it was standing.
I know he loves hunting and it made us so happy to see him do well at it and be able to have this opportunity. It turned out that my dad didn't have to give up his buck tag because in our state a youth, 12 and under, can shoot a deer without a tag. We are so happy that is worked out like that and thankful that my dad was willing sacrifice his opportunity to see Joseph make a memory.
My dad and Joseph are alot alike, personality wise they are calm and collected, slow to speak, slow to anger, they study things, have great minds to figure out how things work or can be fixed and their hearts are both too big for words. It is incredible to think that Joseph shot his first deer at 6 years old with my dad, what a precious memory they will always have. I asked Joseph why he didn't shoot one of the doe they had seen before the buck and he said, "Umm, I guess because I just like bucks better."
Joseph wanted to mount the deer and can you blame him? He was a little disappointed to find out that it would be too expensive to do that, but he can't wait to get the rack and mount it in his bedroom. I am looking forward to having venison in the freezer this winter!


Nate and Erin said...

Good job Joseph! We are so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome memory. Food eating too. Can't wait till Maddax and Chris can make those memories.
Melissa Morris

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Congrats Jophie!!

Wanting What I Have said...

Hee hee. Now I am laughing at the title of your post. No kidding! ;) Way to go Joseph! And yay for a freezer full of meat. What a HUGE blessing!!!