Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October days

I heart these fall days! For so many reasons, I have always loved fall but as the years go by these days remind me of sweet memories. Now they remind me of when I first fell in love, when I had mono {who thought that would be a good memory?}and when I was hugely pregnant with Brady. They remind me of how quickly life changes and fast time goes by.
The kids have been loving playing out in the back yard and suddenly Brady is big enough to hang with the three oldest outside. He likes to imaginary play with them now and they have readily accepted him. They were having a pretend picnic birthday party for one of Joseph's monkeys. He had packed them all outside with him. I gave them some juice-boxes and animal crackers and they immediately begged me to go back inside and leave them alone. As I was walking away they were singing "Happy Birthday".
The monkeys, Joseph's monkeys. I love them and am so happy they are still a favorite for him. He has three Curious Georges, Big George, Medium George or Original George and Little George. Medium or Original George is his favorite because he was the first one. Joseph took him camping a couple weeks ago. It was so sweet to see him sleeping next to George. The guy above on his back is Curtis, he's the naughtiest monkey. I will miss these little monkeys, but I already feel like they have been around longer than I expected. Glad he hasn't outgrown them yet.
The Bass Pro catalog came in the mail last week. Joseph has spent hours looking at it and trying to decide what has to be put on his birthday and Christmas list. He naturally is a frugal little guy, he tries to find things that "don't cost too much."
 He got some "hunting" clothes recently and wore them everyday during school. He is hoping to go hunting with my dad or his uncle this deer season.
The changing leaves are so beautiful right now, even in our backyard. I tried to get a picture of all the kids last night, it's impossible to get a good one. I mean I really didn't expect to get a great one, but I always hope.
 It is Anne's first fall!
Our little fuzzy headed girl is so sweet. I don't know how to explain it, all babies are sweet. She is very calm and timid, she has a very soft way about her, meek. She is laid back and very relaxed. I thought she was crying at 7 the other morning and went in to find her cooing and squealing. She is happiest in the early morning.
She likes cereal, the first time I fed it to her she ate it like a champ. Brady saw her face with cereal on it and thought she was spitting up, he made this gagging sound and wanted to wipe her mouth. He still tries to clean her up while I'm feeding her.
 We all just sent Bethany off for 6 days with my mom to visit family 10 hours away. I really don't know how we are going to  hold up without her for that long. I am sure going to miss her, then I think about Jenna and Joseph missing her, then I think about Brady missing her...we are all going to be happy to see her next week. Brady LOVES her, he wakes up from his nap and immediately goes to find her if he doesn't see her.
I am excited for her to be able to go, I know that she will have fun. She was super excited to leave. She asked me to read her diary from a couple days ago. The day she found out she was going she wrote, "I sure need a vacation!" :) Glad she is getting one!

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Sarann said...

Love the photos, especially the ones of you and Anne. That is so cute about Bethany, I hope she has a fabulous trip!