Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Joseph has been sick for some time. The kids have all been fighting off a cold for the past couple weeks, no one had any fevers or seemed to be too uncomfortable to warrant a trip to the doctor. Joseph is the only one that had a cough, he always seems to be the one that gets a cough so we didn't think alot about it.
I know for a fact that he has had a cough for at least 2 weeks, it got worse when he ran around with his siblings or wrestled with his cousin at Thanksgiving. Several times he had coughed so much he ended up getting sick and finally on Sunday night he was up in the middle of the night coughing. I made him hot chocolate, gave him medicine and cough drops and propped him up in the recliner but he didn't get much sleep. I called our pediatrician's office in the morning and they couldn't get him in to see her, so I decided to take him to Urgentcare later in the day when Joe was home. During the day he seemed better, playing cowboy and running around until I called him down because he would start coughing. I had decided maybe he didn't need to go, until evening when he started coughing more and looking more tired and weary.
I took him, as the doctor listened to him she said he had rattling in his chest and was wheezing. They took him immediately to do a chest x-ray and then a breathing treatment. After the radiologist read his x-ray they came and told us he has bi-lateral pneumonia! They couldn't believe he wasn't more miserable and complaining of feeling worse. We came home with steroids, an antibiotic and breathing treatments.
None of the kids have ever needed breathing treatments so this has all been new to us. Joe's papaw had emphysema and used to take breathing treatments every night. Joe's mawmaw always got confused about what it was called, since the machine is called a nebulizer she would always refer to him having his breathing treatments as "nooperizing." It was funny, so now I have retold the story to Joseph and we call his breathing treatments, "nooperizing.
I am still in shock that he has pneumonia and so thankful I did take him to the doctor. He is such a tough boy, I think we take that for granted sometimes. I really feel like his cold turned into pneumonia because he hasn't rested like he needs to, or been able to get good sleep due to the coughing. I also wonder if it has anything to do with going hunting in the cold air when he was already sick.
This whole situation has made me all the more thankful that I have healthy kids and that it is just pneumonia we are battling. So many children and parents deal with much tougher and bigger stuff! Thank God for good medicine and the ability to get Joseph well.
Over Thanksgiving weekend Joseph got a new basketball to start practicing for Upwards basketball. Joe took him to practice and he was able make several baskets on the ten foot goal, he was pumped!! Thanks for the prayers, he goes back to the doctor on Monday to make sure he is getting or all better!

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Keeping Up with The Joneses said...

Ugh!I went through this alone while Nathan was in Officers Basic Course in Georgia! Praying for recovery and health for you all!