Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Off the top of my head

I'm thankful for, in no order...
  1. Glow in the dark pacifiers.
  2. Sleep.
  3. Thomas making a reappearance in our house, how I've missed you! Brady just took right to him and now he's everywhere, in the crib and at the table.
  4. Warm blankets for my babies.
  5. Knitting.
  6. Aldi.
  7. Diet Coke.
  8. Alone time, see list number 6 and 7. {I really thought I was going to lose my mind on Monday ya'll. It was a terrible day as far as motherhood goes. The kids were all falling to pieces emotionally and the house felt like it was collapsing in on us. I felt like there were 10 of them instead of 5 and I questioned every thing about myself and my ability to handle all of this. I fled for my life the moment Joe came in from work to run errands and promised I wasn't coming back until every. single. one. of them were in bed. Thankfully, Joe got it rather than criticized or corrected me, hours later after Aldi, Diet Coke, stops marked off my to-do list and no one crying at or pulling at me I was ready to come home and love my life again. This motherhood gig isn't easy but it's refining me and the happiest hard work I've ever done.}
  9. God's Word.
  10. Joseph killing his first deer.
  11. University of Kentucky Men's Basketball are the 2012 NCAA Champions!
  12. Jenna asking Jesus to come live in her heart.
  13. Heating pad.
  14. Being able to stay home with and educate my children.
  15. Music.
  16. Coffee.
  17. Surprise gift of knitting needles in the mail today.
  18. The gift of a new life this year.
  19. 9 years of marriage, it's been awesome.
  20. Bethany's freckle face.
  21. Disposable diapers.
  22. Washing machine and dryer still going strong.
  23. George, too many reasons to list, number 1 reason being he always loves me better today than yesterday.
  24. That I am a mother.
  25. Jenna's way of making us laugh.
  26. Baths.
  27. Brady growing so big and strong, see list item number 13.
  28. Our van, God bless our van.
  29.  My health, yeah it could be better, but it could be SO much worse.
  30. Anne Charlotte
  31. Time with Joe.
  32. Our home.
  33. Food and lots of it, gallons and gallons of milk, loaves and loaves of bread and boxes and boxes of cereal.
  34. Joe's job that isn't easy but allows us so many days together, like this long weekend.
  35. Our families, the health of our parents, siblings and nieces and nephews.
  36. My kids daddy and all his amazing daddy skills, from changing diapers to getting Anne to sleep when no one else can, from teaching them how to play soccer to affirming his children.
  37. Bethany and Joseph wanted to get baptized.
  38. Our new computer.
  39. Blogging.
  40. Jenna getting her little sister she desperately wanted.
  41. Photography.
  42. 5 children to love and raise.
  43. Friends.
  44. Our church and pastor.
  45. Despite what's in the bank, or what others think we need to provide, God ALWAYS provides.
  46. Books.
  47. The opportunity to capture our fleeting moments on camera and in writing.
  48. God's faithfulness to keep me going despite physical fatigue and mental exhaustion.
  49. God's grace and mercy to always be here for me despite my neglect of Him.
  50. The necessities, food, water, shelter and clothes
  51. The extravagances, every thing else