Friday, November 9, 2012

Popping in

This was our living room the morning after the election! We were having a party because it was Joseph's 7th birthday!! I'm so glad we had a reason to celebrate that day. I'll have to blog up my thoughts on this boy some other time, this is just a catch up post I've been having a hard time finding a moment to blog as you might have noticed.
 We have been getting our thankfulness on. I absolutely love this time of year!
The girls picked me these little bottles full of Henbit weeds last week and I can't tell you how happy they made me. Motherhood can be so chaotic and stressful and most of all, tiring. Focusing on the bright blessings and the sweet little treasures helps me along.
This little BradyBoy has turned on the "two" era. He is going full force and we laugh at him, chase him, interrupt his plans and save his life on a regular basis now. A short list from the past 24 hours include, pumping out a piles of hand lotion in our bedroom, a trail of tiny white mountains. He also realized a bottle of hand soap is just as fun to pump empty. And he enjoys sitting on the side of his highchair with one leg hanging over.
His new favorite words is "No." Doesn't even have to think about it, any question, the answer is "No." affirmative. And he even made up a new word, also meaning no, "Na-huh." It's like no and uh-huh together, poor boy he wants to say yes but just can't.
AnneGirl is eating and sleeping a little better. Some nights are still hit and miss. She is happier now that she is eating more. She loves us, we just know it. We love her back.
It feels like life has been crazier around here than normal, or maybe this is just a new normal. The kids each seem to suddenly be transitioning and growing into new phases emotionally. {Not to mention all the coats and shoes we have lying around that are too little for some, too big for others and don't fit anyone.} Or maybe it's just a domino effect and one struggling with growing upsets them all. Just when I get kinda settled in and feel like we are all {mostly} heading in the right direction and have made significant headway through areas of character training or discipline, new ones arrive and I have to step back and re-evaluate. I have to create a mental game plan to see them each as individuals with different needs, and I have to realize that this is how life goes with kids and I just need to go with it, instead of mourn the fact that today a new set of challenges hit me out of no-where.
 I had gone to the grocery and there was a bottle of body wash on the kitchen counter. Jenna asked me what it was and then guessed, "Mommy, is that body wash?" I told her it was and maybe jokingly teased her about reading it, but she got all excited and jumped up a little, then asked, "Does that mean I'm learning how to read?!? Sissy, I can read some now!" She is so funny!
Joseph told me he hates school, it wasn't first time he's said that. I think it is just a given that all 7 year old boys say they hate school. He is really good in school, whips right through math and is reading well. He really dislikes anything that has to do with penmanship and writing, it has always been a struggle for him. So when he came to the school room and announced once again that he hated school, I told him that wasn't true. He does not hate school and isn't allowed to say that anymore.
There are lots of things to we hate, but school is not one of them I explained. "We hate getting shots. You might have other things you'd rather be doing, like playing with Lego's or outside, but you don't hate school." Then we started talking and I made a list on the whiteboard of things we hate, I came up with the first things and Bethany and Joseph added the rest.

-getting shots{me}
-nasty medicine {Bethany}
-naps {Joseph}
-throwing up {Bethany}
-missing out on things {Joseph}
-fighting with others {Bethany}
-uncomfortable clothes {Bethany}

I explained to Joseph that if he hates missing out on things, than he wants to learn because if you don't learn you will miss out. I used the example of Papaw teaching him how to shoot a gun, and that if Papaw hadn't taught him how to shoot a gun, he would've missed out on killing that buck. At the bottom of the board we wrote -Love to Learn.
Bethany has been learning to knit again. She picked it up faster this time and took off really quickly, but recently has tired of it.
Speaking of knitting, I had my first knitting injury. {I'll warn you that it is grotesque, so you might want to stop reading if that kinda thing bothers you.} I can't believe it happened, it was really a freak thing. I was knitting with double pointed needles size 5. The kids were in bed and Joe was watching something on TV. I stood up to go get my phone and a needle fell out of my lap into the floor, that happens alot. Somehow, I went to take a step and caught the top of my foot near my big toe on one end of the needle, the other end caught in the carpet and I ran the needle into my foot. It immediately hurt and I knew it was sticking in my foot and at first was afraid to look down. I knew that I had to get it out and quickly before I freaked out. I glanced long enough see it and grab it and pulled about 2 inches of the needle out of my foot.
By that point, I was freaking out and in terrible pain, I kept telling Joe I couldn't look and he kept assuring me it was only a small hole. He didn't realize at first how far into my foot it went. It didn't bleed much but it hurt so bad and I told Joe I was going into shock, I could tell I was getting ready to start shaking. The only time I have ever done that is when I was in labor, Joe later said that I handle labor better than I handled this and it is true. It really hurt!!
It wasn't as sore as I thought it might be the next morning and for the most part has been surprisingly easy to deal with after that first night, I am so thankful the kids were all in bed when it happened.

The weekend has started here and the first thing I asked for was the opportunity to shut the door and blog. I just needed some alone time to think quietly and not be interrupted or whined at or spit up on or complained to. It's been a busy week and a long past couple of days, I've not been sleeping good and have been tired. So tired I've been a grouchy bear and have had a bad attitude. I may have told my kids that I'm not their maid and that if I don't have one neither should they. I also may have had a pity party because I was mad that I hurt my foot and there was no time for sympathy. All really silly stuff, stuff I've had to identify and ask forgiveness. Stuff the made me see that I still struggle with the same bad attitudes and selfishness that my kids do.
{sigh} and I wonder where they learn that tone of voice or that condescending phrase. This is painful to write and certainly not bright and cheery, but it's the truth. I struggle, we all struggle, but with God we can do better.


Jillian said...

Encouraged by your honesty and transparency, i so enjoy reading your blog and hearing of your family's day to day happenings! I dont know how you do what you do, and to do it so well and so humbly. You are certainly inspiring. Hope your foot is feeling better and you can get some sleep very soon :)

Jenn said...

Your family is so beautiful! I miss my babies. They grow up so fast. My 7yo says he can't stand school either. You are right...I don't believe there is a 7yo boy on earth that would say he does like it. You handled the situation very well and made such a wonderful learning time out of it. I can't believe you gouged your toe like that with a needle. Ugh!!! How yucky. Glad it was just a hole though and not a terrible slice requiring stitches. Wouldn't that have been fun?!!