Monday, December 3, 2012

It only took me 4 days

To get our tree up! Sometimes Most times it feels like I can't get anything finished around here and this tree has just been another thing that's given me fits! Bethany and I stayed up until 1 AM last night getting the lights and decorations on the tree. We have had so much going on, I just wanted the thing up and was totally over making it perfect or a family event. It is a huge accomplishment and weight off my shoulders to have it up and the house back in order. It had been chaos around here for days and I don't handle that well. Now I feel like I am ready to enjoy Christmas again.
On Saturday, we got up early because we had a full day planned and went to cut a tree at an old Christmas tree farm. We stopped for donuts before going to the tree farm. The kids were all excited because we haven't gotten a real tree for 2 years. Joe and I heard Jenna in the back seat on the way asking, "Buddy, when Daddy cuts the tree down will it make a loud sound?"
 We had a difficult time finding one because there wasn't much to choose from, we finally decided on a tree that we would make work. Before cutting it down, I noticed that it had brown in it next to the trunk of the tree. Being that this was the same tree farm Joe and I cut down our first Christmas tree that turned completely brown and shed all of it's needles before Christmas, we were leery. We decided we didn't want to chance it and so we went to Sam's. 

The hunt for a tree seemed to satisfy the kids. Bethany especially really wanted a picture next to the tree like we did in 2008. We took a picture in front of the tree we were going to get. Jenna is wearing the same coat that Bethany had on in the 2008 picture.
At Sam's, all their trees were tied up so we agreed it would be mystery tree and whatever it looked like when we got it home, we would make do. We rushed home to give all the boys haircuts before going to  spend the day with family looking at lights and going out to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. It was a fun time with family and a really neat experience. Christmas is so exciting and sweet with little ones. Joseph took his binoculars, although he totally didn't need them or use them.
We don't "do" Santa at our house, but since we were going to this big Christmas event with family that had a Santa and a place to write a letter to Santa we told the kids they could just have fun pretending and go along for fun. I wanted them to just have fun and make a memory, so we encouraged them to play along. Bethany wrote this letter to Santa. :)
They even sat on his lap and told him what they want for Christmas, something I never thought I'd let them do. They thought is was funny though. We enjoyed watching them.
 Brady was not interested in seeing Santa, but he loved the train ride! He screamed when he had to get off. He is really loving anything trains right now!
 After that we had family to our house to play Rook until late. Sunday we had church and then a lunch with church. It was just one thing after the other all weekend long, all really great, but no time to rest or work on the tree.
So Bethany and I stayed up late and made a memory. I told her maybe it would be one of her favorite Christmas memories  years from now, it will be one of mine. She is such a sweet girl and so much of a help to me. Real trees are so much work, but they really are beautiful and special.
 This morning Jenna got up and went to get some little ornaments she had made all by herself last week. She hung them on the tree with such pride!
Brady turns 2 on Thursday! It seems like he should be 2, what a busy, happy little guy he is! Oh, we just love him so! He was playing with the Little People nativity set and I was telling who each one of them are, when he picked up Joseph I said, "That's Joseph." He turned his head to the side and looked into the Little People Joseph's face really closely. Grinning really big, he turned around to look at Joseph sitting on the couch, then at me and started laughing like, "Yeah right Mommy!"
Anne is growing and getting fatter every day! She is sitting up pretty good on her own now. For Christmas, I bought her a Bunny By the Bay paci lovie. I just adore it and couldn't wait or see any point in waiting until Christmas to wrap and unwrap it for her.
She loves it as much as I do, which thrills me. It is so soft and she plays with it all the time.
 Jenna kept photo bombing these pictures of Anne! I had to take Jenna to the doctor on Thursday because she was coughing and not feeling well. She was diagnosed with bronchitis.
Joseph is better but I had to take him to the doctor today for a follow-up and he was re-prescribed more steroids and continued breathing treatments. He hasn't knocked the pneumonia yet, he still coughs alot if he misses a breathing treatment or gets too active.
December is here and it's so full! I just had to get the house decorated so that we can be sure to enjoy it and take one day at a time!

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Eleana said...

Love your little photo-bomber, she's just giving your shot more character! Your tree is lovely and well worth the time and effort you took with your family :o)