Monday, December 31, 2012

Joseph's 7 year old pictures

Joseph had his Golden Birthday this year, on November 7th, he turned 7. He is so close in age with Bethany, they are 14 months apart and still the biggest buddies. When Joseph went to Urgentcare 4 weeks ago, I had called to tell Joe Joseph had pneumonia. When we came home at 11 o'clock Bethany had waited up for Joseph to come home because she was worried about him.
The other day, they were playing computer games together, sitting in the same chair and each of them had one foot locked together and they were swinging their locked feet. They talk to each other alot. When one of them isn't here the other is noticeably quieter and when they are both together again they have much to catch up on.
Joseph has grown up a bunch this year. He tries to be tougher, he knows he needs to be but underneath he is still a soft soul. I pray that his sweetness will never fade. His heart is so gentle and kind, he is calm and thinks before he acts and speaks. His good qualities outnumber his bad a hundred times over. He wants to please and when he disappoints he is crushed.
This year I've watched him struggle a bit more, he wrestles with wanting to obey but wanting to shoot that gun one more time, wanting to listen but wanting to watch that hunting show while I'm not in the room, wanting to do what I told him but wanting to play basketball a little longer. He has never been rowdy or rambunctious but he sure can get excited about hunting or fishing or winning a game and he can get upset about losing.
 He is distracted with school work but can be forever focused and patient for things like hunting. He wants to keep busy doing something, making something, playing something, watching something on TV.
Joseph is all about fairness and justice and the good winning out. He watches movies like, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" or "Sargent York" and he thinks about them for days and he is inspired to do what is right. I have also watched him struggle to do right when others lead him wrong. I pray that he will grow stronger to stand up for himself and for what is right as the years go on.
 Joseph loves figuring out how and why things work or don't work. He likes to learn about animals, mechanics, camping, hunting, fishing, tools, history, sports and anything Joe or my dad are interested in.
Of course, he shot his first deer this year. We gave him a BB gun for Christmas. He loves shooting guns, he has had several opportunities to shoot guns with my dad and brothers. He is a good shot. It scares me a little bit, I'm not against guns but I want him to be safe and we talk about that all the time. I want him to be confident to try new things, I want him to learn things that interest him and be able to do dangerous things in the safety of others.
This year Joseph has taken off reading, he is a great reader. I love coming home from the library and watching him eagerly sit and read a book. Recently we checked out this book and Joseph thought it was the funniest book, he read it over and over. It was so much fun listening to him read it aloud and laugh.
He is so math minded and whips right through his math book everyday. He gets math concepts that we haven't even learned yet, he just gets math. He likes to save his money. If he wants to buy something he is always thinking about how much it will cost, if it's worth the money he'll spend and how much he'll have left if he buys it. When asking for gifts he'll always worry that it might cost too much for us.
Joseph has always been the compliant one, the easy going one, the one that doesn't want to cause trouble, worries about what he said or what work he might have caused. We went to a family Christmas and some one helped fix our kids plates. Joe and I got our plates fixed and after we had finished eating Joseph came over and said, "Mommy, umm, can I get something to eat now?" We didn't realize he hadn't gotten a plate and he didn't say anything until we were finished eating.
He loves to play basketball and is so beyond excited that he will be starting Upwards basketball in a few weeks.
 In our house he goes by many names, we all call him Buddy. Joe calls him Hoss. I have called him George since before he was born, sometimes it's George-Porge and sometimes Georgie-Porgie. We call him Jophus and Jophie and Jophie-Pophie.
I love everything about this boy! He is so awesome! Mothering him 7 years has been rewarding, he melts my heart everyday. I never knew a boy could be this sweet. Taking these pictures with him was so amazing, I realized how big he is growing inside and out. It was a great time of reflection and my heart grew full of excitement to continue watching him grow. I love him to pieces. I love my little country boy and couldn't be more proud of him.
 The thought of Joseph growing up makes me smile because I can't wait to see the man he'll become. I don't know what God has planned for him, but I do know that this world needs more hearts like Joseph's. Being his mom motivates me to pray for him, I pray hard that we will have wisdom to nurture and train him and that he will grow in the Lord to be all that God created Him to be.
My heart is so full of love for you Joseph! You are one special boy!


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Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Awesome! The love of a Mama and her boy is so sweet. I don't know if I will ever be blessed with that relationship, but watching yours with your boys is a blessing in and of itself. Hope all your babies recover quickly!

Rutledge 7 said...

what a handsome boy!

~Mamma~ said...

That is my Grandson!
We are proud of you Joseph. I see so much of God's likeness in your 7 year old body. You are selfless, caring, respectful, humble, loving, giving, tender, attentive to others,... and amazingly awesome! Papaw and I love you so much.

SailorMoon said...

What a special boy!! Was reading about all of your sicknesses and looking at your tree, is it a real one? Reason for me asking is that I would get deathly ill every year at Christmas, croup, cough, everything. Turns out I was allergic to real trees. Just a thought.......

Mudpiesandtiaras said...

He is really growing up! So sweet!

Miranda Rose said...

It is a real one, thanks for mentioning, we had actually commented about that ourselves. We haven't had a real tree for 2 seems unlike us to have kids allergic to a tree they aren't usually sensitive to those kinds of things, but we will be taking note for sure!!

Miranda Rose said...

I hope you get that opportunity too! Thanks! said...

What a precious boy you have raised and are raising. Broke my heart tho when I read where Joseph waited until you and Joe were finished eating and then asked if he could. I sure don't know of too many (any actually) kids that would do that. Don't ever question your parenting skills as you most definitely are doing a whole lot right. Sorry that you all are still fighting sickness but hopefully now that it's turned colder the germs will die and go away. Hope 2013 brings your family good health and many blessings in the new year.

Happy New Year Pike Family.