Thursday, December 20, 2012

Life is good

Some of the kids are still coughing their heads off, our van is sicker than anyone here, but Joe is off work until after the new year and that makes everything better. There is nothing like having him home with us. He helps me so much and the kids just love him being home too.  He sleeps with the three oldest under the Christmas tree and they love it. {I prefer a bed. Mommy is a party poop-er when it comes to living room camp outs and we all know it.}
I am trying to tie up my last loose ends for Christmas, I'm trying to just embrace the busy right now. Honestly though, I just wish it would snow a bunch and we would stay home with healthy kids and soak up winter living. It's not going to snow though, my to-do list isn't going to disappear and there really is so much to look forward to this time of year. Looking forward to spending time with family and seeing people we don't see often enough. I'm excited for Christmas, our Christmas and watching the kids open their gifts from us.
I took Brady and Jenna to the doctor today because they both just have been coughing and coughing. Jenna really hasn't felt well, been very tired and neither of them have had much of an appetite. Turns out they both have pneumonia! Seriously! We came home with breathing treatments, steroids and antibiotics for both of them.
Brady has been so ornery lately. He is a stinker and has gotten into so much trouble. From dragging my knitting project around the living room and pulling the needles out of it, to getting my rings off the bed table and temporarily losing them, he's been intensely keeping us on our toes. He has been so irritable with everyone. I'm not sure if it's because he doesn't feel well, is cutting molars, is just living up being 2 or if it's a combinations of all things. I am really dreading the added effects prednisone will have on him.
We can't be too mad at him though because he really does try to be good and will most of the time quickly say he is sorry. He sits in the corner when we tell him. He likes to help and will do things like put garbage int he trash on his own. It's definitely a struggle for him, he just a busy boy and really smart. He constantly shocks us with things he knows.
I told the kids to put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher and Brady ran from me getting him dressed to get his dirty dishes and put them exactly as I said in the dishwasher.
I left a message with a friend today while Jenna and Brady were in the van. Jenna asked who I had called and before I could answer, Brady piped up and said, "Debby. Jenna, Debby."  I couldn't believe he got that from me saying, "Hi Debby, this is Miranda..."
Joseph just lost a tooth while watching I Love Lucy and doing a breathing treatment, life is never dull around here. It's crazy, it's exhausting, it makes me crazy at times, it's monotonous, it's repetitious and never the same at the same time, but it's good. We are blessed and that makes me very thankful and happy!

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