Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Root Beer and Bubble Gum

Nahum 1:7
The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him,

I type tonight with a heart bursting with thankfulness and gratitude for all that has happened over the past couple of days. Our little girl is feeling good, we are babying her like crazy and the best part is she can enjoy it because she really doesn't "need" it.
Joe and I are so proud of her for being so strong and so brave. I secretly feared she would crumble at the end, at the realization of surgery and the unknown, but she didn't. We shared some sweet time with her the night before her surgery and the early morning hours prior. She really is special and anytime we get to just tell her how much we love her and appreciate her, we do. These past couple of days have been very much about just treasuring her and making her feel special, and like I said already, for the most part she has been able to enjoy this time too.
The night before her surgery she got to eat late because she wasn't going to get to eat breakfast in the morning. She ate extra helpings all day because she knew she wouldn't get to eat much the next day. For her late night meal she picked oatmeal, her favorite food.
We were getting out of the van to go into the hospital at 6AM and she gave me her sock tied into a knot. "Here, keep this for me and I can have it after my surgery." she told me. I asked her what in the world it was and she said, "It's my last piece of bubble gum that I hid from Joseph and Jenna in my sock so they wouldn't find it." Not only had she hidden it but she had been saving for herself after her surgery for some time. I was so sad to hear her say that, I promised her all kinds of bubble gum after surgery, and she got it too.
 The hospital we went to for the surgery was a children's medical center and it was perfect, we are so glad we made the choice to take her there. The staff all made her feel special and comfortable, she got to press all the elevator buttons, her name was on a big TV screen saying, "Welcome Bethany", she was promised no needles or IV pain, she got to pick out what kind of slushy she would have after surgery, they talked about her drinking princess juice and explained how she might feel grouchy later in the day from the anesthesia, "You might have a moody princess day." the nurse told her.
She was nervous, I know Bethany, she is our most fearful child, but she chose to be brave. She never broke down or had a second thought, they came to get her for surgery and we told her good-bye. I was amazed at her maturity to realize what was happening but also realize that it needed to be done and know that God was taking care of her.
Her friend sent her a card full of love and prayer and that meant alot to her, she also knew that many people were praying for her from church, as well as her family. This meant so much to all of us, but it was nice knowing that Bethany felt it for herself too.
 The waking up afterward was hard, she was in pain. Unexpectedly to her, her throat hurt really badly from the tube they put down her throat during surgery. They had said it would be scratchy, but she could barely talk. I remember how bad that was after my surgery, it is awful. She didn't like the bandage on her head and kept thinking if we could just take it off her ear wouldn't hurt. She was upset and teary, she wanted to go home, was so tired but fought going back to sleep. We kept telling her to just go back to sleep but she didn't want to and continued to get more upset and in pain. The nurse gave her pain medicine 3 times and she was still complaining of pain.
Joe and I just tried to be compassionate and kept telling her it was going to get better and she was doing great. Her oxygen kept dropping from her crying and the nurse had to give her oxygen. "I'm just miserable." "I've never been so miserable in my life." "This is awful." She kept repeating these things over and over. She kept asking why her throat her hurt, why she had an IV in her hand and how they got her to sleep.
One thing we prayed and prayed for while she was in surgery was that she wouldn't wake up nauseated. They gave her all kinds of nausea medicine but said that sometimes it doesn't help since it's an ear surgery and that messes up the middle ear. She complained of being dizzy several times, but never felt sick to her stomach and didn't vomit. I was so worried she would get sick on the way home. I am so thankful that she didn't have the problem!
Finally, we got to take her home and get her in the van, once she got in the van she was better and went to sleep, she slept all the way home. She woke up from her nap almost 100% better. She was so much happier and felt better, she asked to call my mom and tell her all about it. We came home and Joe brought her mattress into the living room in front of the TV. She wanted me to lay with her and watch a movie with her. It wasn't long before I feel asleep but it was a sweet time with her.
I bought her Root Beer, it is her favorite drink and she wanted it when she got our of surgery but couldn't have it. She has been drinking root beer, chewing bubble gum, watching movies, playing with her new doll and enjoying relaxing. She is supposed to take it really easy this first week but she is already having a hard time not running around or picking up Brady. I have to keep a close eye on her. She took pain medicine all day yesterday but didn't need it today. Her appetite is back today but she is still tired.
Life is insane ya'll. We woke up to our furnace not working, this heating and air unit in our house has given us fits! Joe was off and we thought it just needed a fuse so he went to town and got one, but it blew. Anne is getting better but it's been slow, her coughing is nothing like it was but she still has moments. Brady is getting the croupy sounding cough now and we've been medicating him. Jenna had bronchitis right after Joseph had pneumonia, she is better now.  You should see the line of medicines on the counter. Joseph 2, Bethany 3, Anne 4, Brady 1 and that is not counting the Tylenol and Motrin.
I started seeing a chiropractor last week, something I said I'd never do. My neck and back have been bothering me ever since last December when I was pregnant with Anne. It had gotten worse again and then I started have dizzy spells over a week ago. At first I didn't think much of it but they became more frequent and worse, I thought it might be from my neck and back pain, something getting cut off. I wasn't having headaches and the room wasn't spinning, I just felt woozy. I decided I need to go to the chiro anyway for my neck and back problem and figured I would see if that helped the dizzy spells. I've been three times in less than a week and my dizziness has been gone for several days. My neck and shoulders seem to be getting a little better, but it is so hard to make the time and finagle a way to get to the appointments. I don't have time!
This day ended on such a better note than it began, my dad was able to replace a wire that was shorting out and causing the fuse to blow. A friend brought us a delicious supper and was such a blessing! I know I say this often, but never enough, God is so good to us. He provides for us in such miraculous ways, miracles happen in this house all the time. Not just financially, but emotionally He lifts me and encourages me. The Lord is good!
 I'm so happy Bethany's surgery is over and behind us all, now we just have to pray that her ear will heal and that she won't do anything to rupture it, causing the surgery to be in vain. The doctor said it will take several months to heal completely and things like sneezing, straining, coughing or blowing her nose can damage it.
Someone asked me today if we had any big plans this Christmas and I said I just want life to calm down, I want every one to get well and stay well, I just want to stop going and running everywhere, I just want to enjoy Christmastime with the family. Perhaps it's gonna happen!?

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