Friday, December 14, 2012

This December

It's Anne's first Christmas. Her at this age and at the same time of year, reminds me so much of Jenna. Bethany is on the mend, no more pain medicine, just bubble gum blowing contests, working puzzles and cutting snowflakes.
The medicine bottles are slowly dwindling and Anne is getting better everyday.
Bethany left this gift on the tree for The Borrowers. It's a paper clip wrapped in a bubble gum wrapper, she thought they could use it for something good and we know how much string comes in handy for them. We have a small hole in the wall in our stairway and the kids like to pretend that the Borrowers live there.
 The Little People Nativity set is out and everywhere all the the time. Anne is sitting up really well now.
Brady has been 2 for over a week now, it's still setting in that he is 2. He's always smiling and such a busy boy. He talks all the time and surprises us by how much he can say. I had big plans on his birthday, to take his picture all day long, follow him around doing what he does, being curious, making messes and looking for fun, aka trouble. Anne was sick though, I was having dizzy spells and trouble with my neck and shoulders, just like last year, only not as bad, so it didn't happen.
He's our Christmas boy, I always hope it will snow on his birthday because it snowed the night he was born. It didn't snow, but he didn't care he was just excited there were Thomas trains involved.
Last Saturday, before Anne and I took our ER trip,  Bethany had her Classical Choir concert. This is her first year participating, she has loved it and we are so glad we decided to do this extracurricular. The director is so talented and so sweet. She amazes me with her patience and gentle spirit.
This is Bethany's favorite song they learned and mine too.

I am hopeful for a calm, healthy weekend at our house.
Praying for our world tonight, longing for peace on earth and the return of the Prince of Peace.

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