Tuesday, January 29, 2013

AnneGirl, wangon rides and winter days

Anne turned 9 months old over the weekend, she is so. much. fun. I love her so! I love this age, she is so cute and lovable, not into everything but curious and ready to learn.
She loves to eat babyfood. We went to her 9 month well visit yesterday and she weighs 18 and a half pounds and is 26 and a half inches long. She is in the 50%tile for weight and the 25%tile for height. The doctor said she is growing well and back on her growth pattern, she had dipped a little at her 6 month visit.
I think all signs are pointing to the fact that my milk hasn't been as nutritional this time as with the others. It's been frustrating and I know most frustrating for Anne. I'm glad she is eating baby food now too, she is much more content and happier than before.
There is a mirror on the wall in the exam room of the doctor's office and Anne started waving bye-bye and saying "ba-ba" while we were there. She did it later in the day for Joe and I swear it was just as amazing and adorable as the first time all the others waved and said bye-bye.
She started an inch worm crawl this week, it's precious and stops us all in our tracks. We love to watch her worm and roll her way toward something and  it's only the beginning to the world of possibilities.
I stuck her in this little wagon she got for Christmas to take her picture and Brady came whipping right in and stole her away. She didn't mind a minute and he thought he was the biggest brother of all!
Seriously, this boy is one crazy mess! Such a raging whirlwind of energy and sweetness. He is all the time on the go, bouncing between hurting some one and melting our hearts. He's rough and dangerous, he's happy and fun, he's a mess-maker extraordinaire.
As he was pulling Anne around the house, he suddenly stopped and gave her a kiss ontop of her head. That's Brady, if we asked him to kiss her he'd refuse.
He loves to get cereal boxes out of the cabinet and carry one around the house eating from it, most of the time dumping it. This morning it ended in a pile in his room.
The kids have been passing the winter mornings with Legos.
The weather warmed up today so the kids played outside for a little while. I was so glad to see them in the backyard, their energy has been exhausting today!
I am passing this late night with photo editing from a shoot I had last weekend and Joe is passing it by listening to the UK basketball game on the radio. Praying for a safe night from high winds and possible strong storms. Be safe!


Mudpiesandtiaras said...

She is really getting big and growing up! What a little cutie! Our toddler is a rough and crazy kid too!

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

Those wagon pics of Brady and Anne are adorable!!