Friday, January 11, 2013

Hello there!

January, how I am loving you! Life has definitely lifted and now the old normal is a welcome sight. Some snow would be nice, but we'll keep hoping! It's Friday and the sun is shining so I will not complain!
I took a few minutes this week to get some pictures WITH my kids. It was a busy day, {aren't they all?} I was hurrying to fit in breathing treatments for the kids, picking up the house and changing diapers on my way out the door to a chiropractor appointment. One day my kids will be glad we have these pictures together, life is precious. This time with them is precious, everyday is a gift. Thank you Lord for this day!
I know, I. keep. saying. it. Anne is packing on the rolls. She is adorable and so sweet. She is serious much of the time, but there are times each day were she acts really silly and won't stop smiling.
She loves all her siblings and enjoys watching them do anything. She especially loves to watch Joseph play basketball on his over the door goal in the living room, she doesn't take her eyes off of him. They remind me of each other, she has his calm way, with a deep kindness.
Brady came out into the new year with all sorts of determination to live life to it's fullest. He is going full speed ahead and is not looking back at the days or nights when he stayed in his crib or his high chair. He is officially uncontainable. It's a bit insane really, he is everywhere all the time and worst of all, at all hours of the night, which means I'm sleeping with 2 ears and 1 eye open.
I woke up at 7 the other morning to crashes and bangs coming from downstairs in the kitchen. I jumped out of bed and as I got to the bottom of the stairs I heard water running in the kitchen sink. I rounded the corner to find him standing on a ottoman, he's pushed from the living room, at the kitchen sink. Water was going full blast and splattering all over the counters, his pj's were soaked and he was grabbing handfuls of silverware from the drawer and throwing them in the sink. I suppose he needed some dishes to wash!
I turned his crib around since the back side is higher than the front but he still climbed out and we moved him to a pack 'n play but he climbs out of it as well. He is still sleeping good and goes to sleep once we put him to bed. The trouble is he climbs out after waking up and sometimes wakes up too early to be out of bed.
He doesn't like sitting in his highchair and it really isn't safe since he climbs out of it. So he wants to eat at the table which is disastrous because he will pick up his plate or bowl and move from chair to chair, spilling as he goes. It's good that he is eating again, he lost almost 3 lbs while he was sick.
 He is into everything and by everything, I mean the toilet, the hand soap in the bathroom, the dishes in the dishwasher, clean or not, the buttons on my sewing machine, the girls doll house, drawers in the bathroom and anything else that gets his curiosity up.
He really likes to help, so half {maybe a quarter} of the time he means well but will not listen to people when they scream things like, "STOP!" He talks alot and understands concepts. He wants to be like the big kids and well, he thinks he is one. They think he is one as well because they leave him stuff to get into lying around all the time.
I have a habit of from time to time taking off my wedding and engagements rings in the middle of the night. Usually I lay them on my bed table and will put them back on in the morning. I had done this and knew I should go get them before Brady might carry them off. It was one of those things were I only thought about it when I wasn't near them and when I was close by I never remembered.
I finally went to get them, already a little nervous that Brady might have messed with them and sure enough they were gone. I looked on the floor and around the room and then I asked the kids to help me look. I asked if any of them had seen my rings and Bethany said that she had seem Brady carrying them around.
I started tearing apart the room Bethany had last seen them in and became frantic, thinking of all the possible locations he might have put them and how big this task seemed. Brady was napping at the time but soon he woke up and we all went in his room and begged him to tell us where they were.
He just smiled. Then he insisted he was hungry and wanted to eat. NOW! I tried and tried to reason with him but he wasn't giving me any hope so I finally gave up and went back to searching on my own.
I realized he was standing behind me and as I turned he stood there grinning with one ring clutched in each hand! I asked him where he found them and at first he only smiled and then told me he was hungry.  Eventually he walked me into the kids bathroom and pointed to their laundry basket in the corner. He is such a rat!
He has some control issues right now as he pushes over his cousins smaller than him and he has been picking on Anne too. He is definitely testing and trying us all the time, figuring out what he can and can't do.
We are in "that" phase where it feels like everything is a battle, he is climbing on everything, he can go from sweet to hot tempered in a moment. There are melt downs and blow ups and I keep telling myself it won't last forever. It helps to know it won't last forever.
School is going well, it's good to be back into a routine. Joseph loves reading books to the little ones. This year we have started reading Boys of Grit one chapter a day and the kids are so eager to find out who we will learn about each day.
This is my current song on repeat.
In December, I said life is good because I knew it was, today I say life is good because I feel like it is.
Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

We had same issues with Emme. We have 5 pt harness car seat in living room, 3 pt booster in laundry room, sawed 3 inches if her bed legs and out the mattress on the floor, and I have a kid leash so she is 3 feet from me during school, I hook the loop of the leash under the chair leg before I sit down. It was what I had to do for sanity. Another option I read online was a child sleep sack on backwards so they cannot take it off at night nor get their legs far enough apart to climb out. I feel for ya girl. Prayers your way. Your right it's only a season.

Anonymous said...

Love hearing about your family. All of your children are adorable and so precious!!
Love, Mrs. Carol

Anonymous said...

Oh my....sounds a lot crazy! If it makes you feel better I was cleaning poop out of the carpet, M's hair, her face, the bed sheets, and her clothes today....bwahahaha...parenting is so crazy! Glad to see everything smiling, though, in your pictures! ~Erin

Lyndsay Taylor said...

Yay!!!! Life is good!!