Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hi Folks

There has been so much going on around here and this post has no clear direction so enjoy this little checking in post. First off, is your house or should I say, are your kiddos going as crazy as mine?
This winter is dragging. December alone was such a long month with all the sicknesses we had and now January is keeping us inside day after day.
We are learning in school, Joseph has started Upwards Basketball, I've tried to keep things interesting but still it gets old being inside because of the cold and not even one snowfall.
Last week we had a special supper, in an effort to brighten up our January and to encourage the kids to focus on how Jesus wants us to love each other. {Have I mentioned, it's been a long winter and they're going stir crazy?} There has been alot of fighting and irritation and lost patience and name calling and raised voices and just a bunch of tongues lashing and tempers flaring. It's not easy to "fix" all these things and change these hearts. I know I'm not always the best leader and I'm guilty of being skimpy on grace myself. These little ones are like big giant mirrors for me to see myself and it is painful at times. I just want to pump their hearts full of God's Word but my heart has to be full first.
The day of our LovingKindness Dinner, we started reading Max Lucado's book, Just Like Jesus. I first read this book in high school and I had been wanting to re-read it with the kids. It has been the perfect book for this time in our lives. Max's analogies are so appropriate for their minds and his writing illustrates in ways they understand.
At the dinner, Bethany and Joseph shared scriptures they had written and the three oldest kids all made notes for each other telling them how they felt about them. They were honest about their frustrations and irritations but they were all quick to encourage and say how much they loved each other. We all dressed up and Joseph and Jenna made name places. It was fun for everyone and a sweet time.
I have been sewing, some out of necessity and some for pleasure! This little doll was so much fun to make!
 Anne is learning to eat Puffs and use her fat little fingers.  Most of the food ends up on the floor though.
Jenna and I went to visit my grandma last Friday night with my sister. I didn't want to take all the kids and overwhelm Grandma, she enjoys seeing them but she had been sick. I took Jenna because she faithfully prays for Grandma at least one time a day. Ever since Grandma got really sick and was in the hospital for months in 2011 Jenna prays for her. She almost always tells my mom to tell Grandma hi and bye, every time we are leaving my mom's.
 Lately I have realized what a heart Jenna has for prayer, she is faithful to pray for Grandma and now, she has recently started praying for missionaries that visited our church. We were leaving church a couple weeks ago and Jenna insisted that we had to go back to her class to get a prayer card for the missionary that had spoke in their class. I am loving this about her and praying that it is only the beginning of a gift God has given her.


Mudpiesandtiaras said...

THat is awesome Miranda! What a sweet hearted girl.

Nate and Erin said...

I love when you post, always makes me smile! I hope you get some warm sunshine soon! Love you guys!