Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We need healing

Just a quick update on my sick kiddos...I took Jenna and Brady back to the doctor yesterday. They were both seen on the 20th and had been treated for pneumonia, over the weekend they both started fevers and yesterday morning Brady woke up very irritable. His appetite has been very poor and he seemed the sickest of the two.
At the doctor I explained everything and that I thought Brady was worse the Jenna. She had been running a low fever but really wasn't acting like she felt too bad. The doctor listened to Jenna first and was shocked at how terrible her lungs sounded. She said they sounded like Velcro. Although she had been taking breathing treatments 3 times a say since the 20th and had just had one, an hour prior, they gave her another one while we were in the office. Her oxygen saturation was 92, after the breathing treatment. The doctor couldn't believe how tough Jenna was and how well she was acting. Jenna was twirling in the floor and eager to just go get some bubble gum. The doctor prescribed her a huge dose of prednisone, strong antibiotics and breathing treats every 3 hours for 48 hours. She said she was really trying to keep her out of the hospital. Jenna goes back for a follow-up in the AM. This is her third round of antibiotics and second of steroids this sickness.
Brady had one very red ear and one with fluid behind it, the doctor said compared to Jenna he was nothing serious, just an upper respiratory infection, so he got another round of antibiotics.
Jenna has been bouncing off the walls like nothing this house has ever seen before. She is on over double the steroids that Joseph was on and she is half his weight. She is talking 10 words at once and cannot sit still, if we hold her she just wiggles. Overall, she acts pretty good.
This morning Anne woke up and sounded terrible, her breathing is really strained and she sounds like Jenna did, like her lungs have foam in them. I called the doctor on call but have held off taking her to Urgentcare, I just don't want to go... She is still on antibiotics and finished her 3 day steroids yesterday. We have been giving her breathing treatments all day and are just trying to hold her off until I can take her in with Jenna in the AM to see our pediatrician.
Brady woke up from a nap this evening with 102.8 fever...so he will likely be going back to the doctor in the AM as well.
Please pray for them, I know so many of you already are and we appreciate it. I have never had kids this sick for this long, this has been going on since the middle of November. We are all very weary...I keep saying this is surely about to end...


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Pamela said...

Praying for you and your family, we have had the same thing in our home since the 20th of Dec. It seems like it just keeps going on and on!

Take care,