Monday, February 25, 2013

7 things that make me happy today

 1. Brady falling asleep in my arms {so unlike him} and sleeping all the way through Sunday service {especially unlike him}.
2. Bethany's love and devotion to Anne. Anne loves her dearly in return and often cries or lunges for Bethany when she walking into the room. While Joe and I were out the other night, Anne was fussy and wouldn't go to sleep. My sister gave Anne to Bethany and she rocked her to sleep. Last night, Anne had been fussing in her bed and had quieted, I went to check on her and Bethany was sitting in her crib rocking her, "She is so tired Mommy." she whispered as I took her from her.

3. Getting a date night with Joe last weekend. So much fun!
4. The way Anne lights up when Joe comes home and he sits in the floor with her.
5. For how far Bethany has come in her math this year! She started the year struggling with division and multiplication and now she is rocking long division and equations! I am so proud of all her hard work!

6. Finding Joseph's note on my computer monitor this morning that read "I {heart} u Momy"

7. The my favorite one of all...hearing Jenna say in the back seat of the van on our way home this evening, "Someday I am just gonna sit and watch the sun go down." Her words melted my heart with their pureness and I truly think it is the best idea I've heard in a long time. I cannot wait for a warm evening to take Jenna to the perfect hill and watch the sun go down. It's gonna happen very soon and how precious will that be. Jenna's little mind is such a special place!

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Nate and Erin said...

sweet...the things that keep us mommies going!