Monday, February 4, 2013

A few little things

January was a great month for us! I was encouraged by God's faithfulness to our family. It's exciting to see how He takes care of us, we are blessed! Time and time again we see Him provide and I am so thankful!

February is here. I always heart February, it's a favorite of mine. So far this month~
  • Joseph had his first Upwards basketball game. He loves it. He thinks he's a little UK player out there, he is ready to run up and down the court without a clue where the ball is. He bounces the ball with his tongue sticking out, so cute! I was a wee bit frustrated during the whole thing. Anne was unusually fussy during the entire game, Brady was everywhere, despite the entire big of snacks and drinks I packed for him. I didn't get to really watch much of the game or take many pictures. Maybe next week will be better.
  • I cleaned the oven, like elbow cleaned the stove top with baking soda. It worked!
  • I soaked sippycups in Clorox water. {Confession the seals had black in them. Please tell me this happens at your house too!?}
  • I organized my yarn stash and rolled all my yarns into balls. I even unraveled a few projects I finished and wasn't happy with. That lopsided blanket and this fail of a scarf.
  •  I remembered that we cope with these long winter days, with a 2 year old, much better when I give lots of cereal to snack on out of play kitchen dishes. Jenna was the same way.
  • Brady colored all over himself and a toy with a permanent marker today.
  • One child who shall remain nameless overflowed the toilet twice in one week. Over flowed as in, floor 2 inches deep in water and 6 large towels to clean it up.
  •  Joe had a snow day on Friday! It wasn't much to talk about really but we didn't care, Joe was home with us for a 3 day weekend.
  • Brady started saying, "Thanks." Up to this point he has always said, "Kel-come" {welcome} for thank you. We would tell him to say thank you and he would say, "Kel-come."
  • Joe and I took Bethany and Joseph to Winterjam. It was their first concert of any kind and they were a bit apprehensive at first but after it was over they both agreed it was, "So awesome!" TobyMac is their favorite and we knew they would love it. During the concert I just kept looking at them thinking how crazy it is that I have 2 kids old enough to go do things like this with!
  •  Jenna loves to plug in her mp3 player to the TV and dance. We have had several dance parties lately.
  • We had lunch with friends yesterday and Jenna's friend asked her why she calls Joseph, Buddy. Jenna said, "Because I'm not old enough to call him Joseph."
  •  Anne has been a booger and won't let me get a full night of sleep for some time. I keep telling her she is too old for this but she won't change her ways! {As a matter of fact, I'm up late now because she doesn't want to sleep and would rather roll around on the floor.}
  • Anne also started saying, "Ma-ma." Most times when I say it to her she'll mimic the sound.
  • I cleaned the coffee pot, it's a little things that make me feel like I make big gains!
I am hoping to paint the kids rooms this month, but it's a busy month with several photo shoots for me. I may not have time until March. Either way, I'm looking forward to tackling some areas that need cleaning out and hopefully simplifying our life a little. The clothes and toys the accumulate with this many growing kids is crazy hard to keep up with!
Have a great week!

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