Friday, February 15, 2013

Jenna-isms and a mommy confession

We had a tiny bit of snow this week, it was beautiful falling but didn't stick around once it hit the ground. The flakes looked like giant feathers floating out of heaven. The four oldest and I went out for a really short time to have a little fun in the middle of our school day.
We gave the three oldest kids mp3 players for Christmas. They have been the best gifts, the kids love them and listen to them everyday. I was cleaning the house a couple weeks after Christmas and just really overwhelmed by all the influx of new toys and all around "junk" everywhere. Jenna had a Hello Kitty purse that I bought at a yard sale for a dime last summer and it seemed like I was always shuffling that thing somewhere.  
It was laying in the floor and I had picked it up one too many times. I looked inside and it was empty so I stuffed it deep into the trash. I figured she'd never notice and I'd never have to pick it up again. I do this kinda of thing quite often with little knick-knacks, broken toys, McD's toys and things that aren't worth keeping, giving or selling. It keeps me semi-sane {because we know I'm not sane!} The kids know that I have this habit, Bethany and Joseph keep an eye out for it.
Almost two weeks went by and Jenna suddenly couldn't find her mp3 player. She talked and talked about how she couldn't find it and then she started talking about how the last time she had it, it was in her purse, and she couldn't find her purse.  She talked about exactly where she left it, how she went outside to play and when she came back it was gone. For the first time in my life of having kids, one of them remembered where they left something, very weird!
At first, I thought maybe she was right, but I knew without a doubt that her purse was empty so I assured her that it wasn't in her purse.  The next morning she was again talking about it and getting upset about not knowing where it was so I said, "Jenna, I remember picking up your purse and I looked inside of it, it wasn't in your purse." "Well, did you look in that little zipper pocket on the side?" she desperately asked.  My heart sank, "Did it have a pocket on the side? I didn't know it had a pocket on the side." I said very slowly. She nodded and I said, "Jenna, I will get you a new mp3 player." Bethany and Joseph had been standing there listening the entire time and they both immediately and in unison said, "You threw her purse away!" See, I told you they know me really well.
Jenna cried for a minute and I felt terrible! After promising her a new one and going to order it 5 seconds later, she was fine. Joseph being such a softy, couldn't stand it and quickly hugged her up and told her she could use his mp3 player all she wanted until she got a new one. That boy is so amazing!
Jenna keeps us laughing with her funny ways, recently she has said...
I was working in the kitchen and moving sippy cups, Jenna asked me, "Mommy why are dose sangs named after dat state?" Confused about what she was referencing I asked her what she meant and she said, "You know, sippy cups? Day are like dat state Miss-er-sippi, Mr. sippi?"

We were visiting with my sister and Joseph was telling her how he figured something out. She said, "Wow, Joseph you're a pretty smart kid." Jenna immediately piped up and said, "Yeah, we all are!"

It's Friday, but I have a sick baby...taking her to the doctor later. Her high fever kept us both up last night. This post has been in draft for awhile so thought I'd get it posted today!

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Nate and Erin said...

My heart sank for you while reading this! Joseph is such a sweet boy, though. =)