Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Photography practice

 It's been awhile! I have lots of catching up to do and not just here on the blog. Life has been extra busy but for good reason. I've had several photography shoots lately and they have been so much fun! I really do love photography and working for others. I have some really great clients, the extra money has been a blessing but I enjoy working with them immensely.
I had gotten some new equipment and needed to work it out by doing a couple of run throughs. Two days last week, I took Anne and Brady's pictures, of course they are 2 of my top 5 very favorite little people to photograph. {smile}
 I find some of these pictures so captivating, like the one above. I feel like I can just stare into her face and she is right in front of me, I hope these pictures will make me feel like this years from now. I hope they will always bring me back to this place in life.
 Anne is always playing with her tongue, she makes all kinds of funny little faces.
 She is a sweetheart!
 Today, I was feeding her pieces of bread from my sandwich and signing "more" between giving them to her. I have only worked on it a couple of times and not even recently, but she shocked me and started signing it back to me. I couldn't believe it! Bethany started signing at 9 months too!
 Brady was pretty easy to take pictures of, two words: trains and Life Savers. {Or is that three?!}
 He is such a mess! I don't even have words to describe him, he is so much of everything! So broad is the spectrum of Brady, that is what Brady means: broad. He is sweet and stubborn. He is daring and determined. He is rough and rowdy. He is heavy and ready to run through a wall! He's hot tempered and quick to apologize. I don't know if I've mentioned this but I call him the Baby Buffalo.
 He likes Thomas, though not nearly as much as Joseph did. He loves to wear hats, way more than Joseph did at two.
His smile lights up our life every single second. He really is almost always smiling, his face has a smile on it when he isn't even trying to smile.
He recently started to climb up on the back of my chair while I am on the computer and he will stand behind me and wrap his arms around me neck and laugh. Possibly the best hug ever!  He loves to stand there and play with my hair, but he is Brady and he does nothing gently so it hurts really bad!
 The boy can pout and whine and throw a whale of a fit, but he's two right!
 And his hair? Oh, dear me, it grows all the time. Way too fast!
 I may have taught bribed him to tell me I'm pretty numerous times a day! Both my boys just melt me heart!
My photoshoots have all gone so well and that has been a blessing! At the last one I did, I took pictures at my clients home and they excitedly took me through their home to show me pictures they had custom framed and hanging throughout. I was so touched but most of all I had to laugh inside because they had no idea that I had cried over that photoshoot! The photoshoot went great but after uploading their pictures I realized the pictures hadn't turned out as good as I hoped because I had my camera on the wrong setting. I had gone out and sat on my porch and prayed for God to please just help me have enough pictures to send them! I also thought about giving up the photography side job!
God is always baling me out of everything, whether it's motherhood or photography! He's so good to me!

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Ooooh my, the videos of Anne and Brady are both so precious!!