Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter blues

No, I haven't been knitting.
Just tired.
But this yarn in a basket makes me happy.
I've been dragging for several weeks and can't seem to keep up or catch up. At the beginning of January I found out my thyroid levels were high, meaning my thyroid medicine was low. I have been trying to be regular about taking my increased dose, along with working on building up my iron and other supplements. This seems like a life-long struggle for me and I really need to be better about staying faithful with taking my vitamins. I am good about taking my iron and supplements until I feel better and then I get lazy about it. I would really like to get myself back "up" again and then be able to start running. Right now, I'm too far behind for that.
For the past couple of months, ever since December and dealing with sick kids and sleepless nights, I've been pushing myself. Thankfully, I am still able to push through, but everyday it seems I just keep telling myself to keep going and I can crash into bed at night. Bedtime comes and I have had insomnia, long sleepless nights, bleh!
Life has felt very monotonous lately, like we eat pb&j sandwiches every day for lunch monotonous. I stop Brady from writing all over his hands with permanent marker monotonous, I wash the same load of laundry over and over monotonous, Brady dumps his cereal in the floor monotonous, I clean up the same messes monotonous, Brady gets in some sort of lotions or lip balms or diaper cream and wipes it all over his face monotonous, I rush through another shower at the end of the day monotonous, Brady throws a fit about nothing and everything monotonous, I tell my kids to brush their teeth monotonous, I wake up to the same poopy diaper smell every morning monotonous...
Our kids have been sick again, this time with head colds and flu. It is crazy, I thought we did enough sick time for three winters already! Jenna had flu first and last week Anne had it. I was sick too so that added to my tiredness and sleepless nights. We are all loading up on extra vitamin C and D.
Yesterday morning Jenna was standing next to me and I heard her breathing, it sounded too familiar. Her lungs sounded like they had foam in them! I had already started giving Joseph and her breathing treatments a couple of days ago, but I increased them today and also gave her some left over steroids I had in the medicine cabinet.
Jenna is such a tough cookie and acts like she feels just fine! I am praying we can get her through this without a trip to the doctor. Pneumonia is often accompanied after the flu, I was hoping we could avoid this!
I normally don't complain about winter, but this one is really dragging. I am ready to send my kids outside for sunshine and fresh air on a regular basis. For now, the kids are playing lots of Lego's and dress up, Joseph loves playing basketball in the living room, Bethany has been reading Caddie Woodlawn and we've started the Sugar Creek Gang series. Jenna and Brady are always jumping off of something, chasing each other in circles or dancing together.

Bethany put this crown on Anne's head and she crawled all through the house with it. She never once acted like it bothered her.
I almost didn't go to Joseph's basketball game on Friday night because I was sick and tired and had rushed around taking Anne to the doctor. I am so glad that I drank a diet coke and forced myself to go, because he had an awesome game. I was able to video it, although I had Anne in my arms most of the time. I made him a fun movie today! {Blue team, number 13!}

I know I did a bunch of complaining in this post, life really isn't bad. There has been some really great things going on in our lives too, I'm just too tired to blog them right now.  I will be back soon to post something happier! Right now, I'm just happy about my bed!


Miranda said...

(Hug) I am right there with you! I feel like we get a few days of health for everyone and then we go through weeks of everyone passing around sicknesses!I have 3/4 sick with cough, fever,snot..I'm not feeling so hot either! Spring cant come soon enough! Hope you guys catch a break soon!

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well, Miranda. :-/ If it's any consolation, you looked really pretty the other night! I was thinking how lovely your eye makeup was and meant to say something, but didn't have the opportunity. Oh, and Brady was such a sweet boy, even with his fussy moments! I don't think he's been so friendly like that to me before - he's usually pretty shy. I really enjoyed playing with him - he made my day with his huge grin and giggles and kisses for baby Celie!

Miranda Rose said...

Thank you Melissa! I have felt anything but pretty lately, so your words are very kind! Brady is an up and down roller coaster, when he's sweet and happy he's very sweet and happy and when he's stubborn or upset he's really extreme. What is it about this age, where kids just whine for no reason and throw fits? I am glad that I know this is just a phase now, but it's tiring.

Miranda Rose said...

{hugs} back at you Miranda! I hope everyone gets well at your house too!! Thanks for commenting, it's always nice to see your name! :)

Lyndsay Taylor said...

You know I understand, at least about my own chronic thing and the monotony that brings!!!!!!!
Praying for you today and looking forward to better days! I was about to blog a little about this actually when I read yours...I don't know if you'll be able to relate to specifically what im talking about, but if so, I sure hope it is encouraging. LOVE YOU!