Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Alot of somethings

Jenna is super excited to be going to soccer evaluations tonight with Bethany and Joseph. She just dressed herself and I really should take her picture. She insist on wearing her knee high socks with shorts because it's "soccer-ish" she said. I love it that soccer is all about fashion!
A few weeks ago when she was sick {again} I bought her this paint with water book and she has loved it. It's been one of the best $1 I've spent! She likes doing anything crafty, coloring or painting.
These boys! Oh my goodness, they are such boys!
The other day Joseph saw pictures of when Brady was born and he said, "Yeah, he was cute...now he's just a monster!" Their relationship is under the true brother test right now as Brady is into Joseph's stuff all the time and always making messes. Okay, so all of our relationships are being tested right now! He messes up all of our stuff, he's at the insane age of not being able to turn your back or have a moments peace without paying for it. Paying for it big time!
Joseph does copywork in school everyday to work on his penmanship, sentence structure and spelling. Lately I have been giving him quotes of famous people to write. I picked Daniel Boone the other day because he is Joseph's favorite person in history. The quote was, "All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse and a good wife." Joseph handed me his paper to check and it read, "All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse and a good house." :)
Everyday Brady is carrying around a box of cereal or a bag of chips whatever he can find in his reach. He is always "hungy". Most mornings he greets me with a his arm down a box of cereal.
He calls monkeys, nonkeys and I love that.
He has learned the line, "Not fair!"
We were in line outside of an oil change place waiting to get our oil changed. Jenna made the comment that is was like going to the car wash. Brady HATES the automatic carwash, he is completely terrified of it and I don't blame him. He didn't say anything until we pulled in and he realized it wasn't a carwash. He quietly, almost relieved said, "It's not da carwash." Then a second later he very angerly and sternly yelled, "Jenna! It's not da carwash!!" He was mad at her for scaring him
I let him sip the last couple of drops of my coffee each morning. It's a game now and he'll say, "Drank all your coffee!" and then I tease him for drinking all my coffee.
The other night at supper he wanted a muffin and told him he couldn't have one until he ate all his vegetables. He pushed his plate away and said he didn't want it. When I insisted that he had to eat his veggies he broke out in crocodile tears and yelled, "NO MOMMY!" He ran away from the table and put himself in the corner. It was funny, we all tried not to laugh as he threw a fit in the corner. He came back to the table and said, "Sorry Mommy!" He thought that would get him the muffin and when it didn't he broke down again and took himself back to the corner without us saying to go to the corner and threw a fit. After a few more minutes he climbed back on the bench at the table and I told him he had to eat his food to get a muffin. He pushed his plate toward me and said, "I doe wan it Mommy, it's nassy!" After I told him again the he wouldn't be getting a muffin unless he cleaned his plate he started eating his vegetables, shoving them in his mouth! It was funny!
Anne Charlotte is 11 months old today! Wow! I wish I could slow this time down, it's going too fast! I am loving watching her grow and change though. She continues to be very calm and takes things slowly, I love that about her.
Both my babies are getting big!
I don't have any pictures of Bethany but I did want to write down this story about her. Alot of time as I'm rushing to get out the door I'll have Bethany get a pen and paper and write a grocery list for me. I was at the store the other night and pulled out my list to make sure I had everything. As I glanced down the list at the bottom she wrote, "I love you Mommy. Be careful."
I've been using all my computer time to make photobooks. I made Anne a photobook of her birth and now I have finished Brady and Jenna's. I can't wait to get them in the mail!! Bethany and Joseph's are going to be harder because their pictures are all film pictures.
Spring break is next week, I'm excited! Some spring weather would be really nice, it has snowed the past 3 days!

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