Monday, March 18, 2013

It's been too long

Oh my goodness, time gets away from me. These days roll one right after the other and it feels like they all run together! Someone is always hungry or can't find their shoes or we are out of milk again or I just reset the coffee pot for another morning or the laundry is so backed up, the laundry room door won't shut. Didn't we just get caught up on that?! Didn't I just do everything that needs doing again?! Know the feeling?! {smile}
Life is good and I am not complaining, okay maybe a little, but really I'm thankful for the messes and the work. There is no other work I'd rather be doing or work that would make me this happy. It's not the work that makes me happy, it's these lives. Lives that make the messes. The sticky fingers that roam the house and touch the walls. The stinky feet that kick off the shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor. It's the big blue eyes with long eyelashes that cry fake tears at times and twinkle mischievously at other moments. It's the voices that call for me around the clock. The mouths that kiss me. The laughs that bubble out during church services. It's everything about every single one of their big personalities that remind me that I am blessed.
It's been extra busy around our house, I've been painting rooms. Our house has to be appraised due to our re-financing and it was the urge I needed to get some things done that have been needing done for almost 3 years! As always, adding extra tasks creates so much falling behind in my usual daily tasks. The last 3 weeks I've kept telling myself I'll get everything under control by next week, it's Monday morning and I'm sitting here hoping to get things back under control this week.
Anne is breaking pr's {personal records} everyday around here! She is pulling up in her crib and around the house. She is perfecting her crawl on all fours. She is clapping and signing more, night-night and light. She says ma-ma and da-da, although ma-ma much more often than da-da. Sometimes she will say or wave bye-bye. She is super sweet, I love her calm spirit! She is awesome!
Anne adores Joseph, he plays with her alot and she laughs at him. The other day I was working to put a bathroom I painted back together and went to find Anne. Joseph had her in his room, he was playing peek-a-boo with her and she was laughing at him. They played together for such a long time and she was happy to just be with him. The two of them seem to be kindred spirits. He plays basketball on his over the door goal and her eyes follow him everywhere he goes while playing. Anne likes watching all the kids, but there is something different about her and Joseph.
Joseph's basketball season is over, he absolutely loved it! He says he liked playing basketball better than soccer. He did really well and improved so much. We all enjoyed the season, but I'm glad it's over. We aren't having much of a break though, because we just signed the 3 oldest up for soccer! Crazy!!
Joseph started doing something I haven't notice him doing in a couple of years. When he would shoot the ball and worry about it going in, he'd cover his ears. He also did this when someone would fall and he'd be afraid they were hurt. He used to do this on a daily basis, I had forgotten about it until he started doing it when one of his teammates fell really hard on the court. It kind of takes my breath away when I see him do it, because I hate it that he is feeling so stressed.
I don't know how we're going to work 3 kids playing soccer, but we're determined to make it work! Jenna is so happy about playing this year. It is going to make us smile and laugh watching her play, I'm a little worried about her getting hurt. She is our toughest child, but she is so small. I am always worried she will get a bone broken.
Jenna and Anne both had another round of the flu a few weeks ago! It has been such a nasty winter for us! Warm weather just can't get here fast enough. We've had very little snow, but it's been such a long cold winter.
I am feeling exceptionally tired these days, just this week I've really been dragging and I don't like it at all! I hate feeling this way, this weekend I've said how tired I am I don't know how many times. This is not a good sign and means something is not right with my body.
I have been drinking water only for several weeks now, it is getting easier for the most part. At times, I was shocked at my will-power and other times I was shocked at how badly I wanted a Diet Coke. I can't say that I can tell a difference in how I feel, but I know it's better. I do notice I crave sugar more, so that is something I need to work on now.
The kids surprised me with breakfast in bed on Friday! It was so sweet, all 4 of them came in, Bethany carrying a cutting board. She had made me cereal and toast with jelly, laying at the side was a carnation.
I was shocked at their thoughtfulness which was motivated by Bethany. They wrote me a really precious card thanking me for painting their rooms and Bethany wrote, "I am so lucky to look just like you."
The cereal was so soggy I had to just swallow it really quickly and the toast, oh the toast! The toast she made in the microwave and it was so hard, like Melba toast. We laughed about the toast and the kids kept quoting lines from Nacho Libre about the toast! They are such a blessing!
I know that I am leaving out so much that I wanted to catch up on, but my morning is already off to a late start. I will definitely be back soon!
Have a great day!

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