Thursday, April 18, 2013

A bit about the older ones

We have been outside soaking up the sunshine lately. The kids have been riding their bikes, playing on the swing set and we even played kickball in the backyard last night.
Jenna found her first ladybug this spring, she still loves bugs. We call her JennaBug because she is so crazy about creepy crawly things. She loves to sit with Joe, all the time! The other night she was sitting in Joe's lap and asked him, "Daddy, how come Mommy makes you mow your mustache?" It was so cute he asked her to repeat it 2 more times, when we laughed and explained that it's called shave, she said, "That's what I said!"
Tonight at supper I was helping Bethany and Joseph fill their plates and Joe helped Jenna. Jenna said, "Daddy dealt me my food and Mommy dealt ya'll your food!"
Soccer practice started this week, it was exciting! Jenna is so happy to be playing this year. They all are but it's her first year so she is extra wired about it. I pray she doesn't get hurt, she is the smallest one on her team.
Bethany was thrilled to find out that a little girl she recently "made friends with", as she calls it, from her Sunday School class is on her team. Her friend is home schooled as well and Bethany and she are both the oldest of large families. They seem to have quite a bit in common and hit it off.
 I took all 5 of the kids to the grocery today, it's not something I do very often. I usually go when Joe is home with them, we are a one car van family so I typically run errands in the evenings. It's something we do to save money live within our means and not many people can fathom it but it's been this way for 8 years and I have gotten used to it. I consider it a huge benefit in helping me stay home and diligently focus on homeschooling and training the kids throughout the day. This week we have had an extra vehicle and it has been nice, we've been taking advantage of the oppurtunity to get out during the day.
So, today at the grocery we experienced the many looks and stares and comments. Most all of them positive I would say and the rest just shocked and in disbelief. The cashier asked, "Are THEY all YOURS???" I replied, "Yes, every single one of them!" and Bethany pipes up and says, "And we LIKE it TOO!" Thankfully she isn't embarrassed by her siblings but she does take the comments personal. I never have given much thought to how the comments make her feel until recently when she expressed irritation about people making them. It was really funny to hear her stick up for herself, well, for all of us.
Surprisingly, the most common question they get asked is if they like their little sister. I know that many people ask this just to make conversation with them, but I really think half of them ask expecting them to say no!? Bethany has picked up on this among other responses people will make to me like "I bet you don't get a moment's rest." "You got your hands full!" "Oh, bless your heart!" She takes it as a personal attack on her, like it's her fault I'm busy or they are assuming she is alot of trouble or that I am unhappy about having so many children.
I just really love her beyond myself. She is not a perfect oldest sister, she makes mistakes, can be bossy, very bossy, she can be downright mean and say nasty things to her younger siblings but I love the way she loves our family!
She is a huge help to me, she takes charge and jumps in when I need her all the time. She is daily very kind and sweet to her brothers and sisters, she goes out of her way to play with them and share with them. I am convinced that she is the perfect oldest child for our family. Her and Joesph both make a great team. They are like twins really, I often refer to their way of doing things as a little married couple, they just get each other and work well together.
Joseph, he's such a thrifty guy! He holds onto his money so tightly. He had been saving for months to buy a BB gun scope. He had more than enough money for the scope but wouldn't buy it until he could purchase the scope and still have $50. He finally had enough and Joe and I took him on a date to buy it. It turned out the scope didn't work very well.
His bike that some one had given him broke right before we were going to Berheim to ride. Joe told him if he spent $10 of his own money we would pay for the rest for a new bike. Joseph thought for a minute and thought, then he said, "Well, only if I can take that scope back and get the money for that, then I can use that money to buy the bike." At the store he picked out the cheapest bike and that is no coincidence. I know, because he is just like me. I was exactly like him as a child.
The potty training has taken a turn for the more normal route. {Bummer!} I consider Brady to still be doing good, but let's just say he's gotten comfortable making mistakes. I know that he is still learning and we will continue to work on it as long as I see that it's not a power struggle for him or a source of anger for me.
Taking all 5 of the kids out alone is like a challenge for me. I enjoy it but it's a little dangerous because it's hard to keep an eye or a hold on everyone. For instance, we were at the Dollar Store. This was after we'd already been to the bank where they acted like angels, probably had something to do with the suckers I promised them. We'd also gone in to eat at Taco Bell, where they were great and to the library, that went pretty smooth until the end. Brady was running and yelling and I was pleading with older kids to just finish picking out books and get them to the check-out so we could leave before he got completely out of control. We did make it out without too much of a scene.
At the Dollar Store I had Anne in the front of the cart and Brady in the back, which was fine until we were checking out and the cart was still. He kept standing up and attempting to sit on the edge of the cart. After telling him to sit in the cart about 3 times, I got him out of the cart and told him to hold Bethany's hand. I turn to pay and Bethany yells, "MOMMY----" She couldn't get her words and at the same moment I look up to see Brady running out the open doors of the store straight for the parking lot. I took off running, leaving Anne in the cart, my wallet open and calling for him to stop, which of course he did not do until he was smack dab in the middle of the parking lot. He turned around with the biggest grin on his face laughing!
Thankful that he was fine, thank you Lord, I just took him by the hand and tried not to laugh. It really was kinda funny, the lady with 5 kids making a scene at the Dollar Store, I am that lady!
I like it and I am getting better about not caring what people think. So what if someone makes a judgement about me that is wrong or right. I really do love this life of mine!
This post has gotten so much longer that I had planned, I'll have to save the rest for later!

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