Monday, April 8, 2013

Ambitious mommy

Spring break was last week and it finally started to feel like spring around here! The weather turned warm and the trees are budding, hallelujah!

We had a really fun Easter despite 4 of the 5 kids having pink eye! Yes, really! Anne started it with a cold and passed it to the other 3 youngest. Seriously, I am so over having sick kids!
Joseph lost another tooth, but this time he really lost it! He is terrible about not telling us when he has a loose tooth because he doesn't want us to pull it, which is fine. Except for his first tooth, they just fall out on there own and that's the way he likes it. This time he was eating a cookie and realized it was missing. We decided that he ate his tooth!
Anne has learned to climb the steps, she snuck past us one morning last week before we closed off the stairway. She was climbing up and tumbled down! Her little nose got scuffed up!
I took Bethany to her follow-up appointment with the ENT regarding her ear surgery. I really thought she was doing good and her ear was better so we were both shocked when the doctor said that the surgery hadn't worked. I am so disappointed!
The doctor had previously told us that he recommended having her tonsils and adenoids out before doing the ear surgery because they were so enlarged. He was worried they might keep her ear from healing properly. We had opted to try the surgery without doing that first to save time, money and pain. She has never snored which her pediatrician and the ENT can't believe when they look her  mouth.
I know all things work out and in the long run this is nothing, but still what a let down! The ENT gave her a nasal spray to try for 2 months and then if her tonsils and adenoids don't look better he recommends having them out this summer.
Jenna is an absolute crazy nut! Joe and I took her on a date several weeks ago. She talks and talk and talks non-stop! She really loves to hear herself talk and she really needs to be heard. I love her personality, she says the funniest things and is so sweet. Even still, it is hard for me to focus and to look at her when she is talking to me, I have so much going on and she is always talking about something "urgent". Trying to work on this.
On our date, we wanted to buy her a dress. I expected a nice comfy play dress that she could wear all summer. At the store she immediately picked out this fluffy pink dress! She fell in love with it and there was no way Joe and I weren't going to buy it for her. She has worn it so many times, it already has a hole in the tulle but it makes her happy and I am learning to let go. She is only 4 once and this dress will not fit her forever anyway. I hope she remembers how happy it makes her.
I was ambitious this morning, really ambitious and decided to take both Brady and Anne's pacifiers away today. Brady's of course is long over due but he has been very attached to it. He naps so good and the paci has always been good motivation for bedtime. I have worried that taking it away would disrupt that terribly. It would have been easier to take it away sooner if Anne hadn't had one, but I just haven't had the heart for keeping it from him.
 Anne likes her paci but seems to be at a good age to take it away since I'm taking Brady's away too. I am flexible about it though and if needed tonight I will definitely be giving it back to her. Anne fussed more then usual at nap time but went to sleep fine.
I put Brady down for nap time and explained that his paci had gone bye-bye because it makes him sick and is nasty. That really was my motivation for taking them away. Anne and he both seem to be sick off and on every other week, it's really getting old. I think the pacifiers increase the sickness and keep the germs alive. Brady is bad about getting Anne's paci since he isn't supposed to have one outside of bed.
When I wouldn't give him his paci he threw a fit and yelled at me. He eventually got out of bed, so I let him get up and gave him lunch. Round 2 went much better and he only cried a minute and then went to sleep. So far, we talk about it and he seems to be accepting the fact that there will be no paci tonight.
As if that was not a big enough goal I also decided to throw in potty training the poor boy! I figure it's time to start working on it. If it doesn't work I'll give it more time but so far he has rocked it! He has kept his Thomas underwear dry all day, except for nap time when I put his diaper on him. He has gone pee 5 times! We're off to a great start which I have learned means absolutely nothing! {smile} Pulling for this to be an easy one though!
I had the very rare opportunity to attend a couple of sessions at Women of Joy last weekend. It was really fun to do something away from home and kids, though it was difficult to make it happen. I was able to spend time with my mom and sister and that doesn't happen very often either.
The following day my sister-in-law went with me, it was a good time  together. My SIL grew up watching Lisa Welchel and was excited to hear her speak. The best part was she got to meet her and that was so exciting! The whole time spent with my family at the conference was a blessing!

Bedtime is about to happen here so wish me luck as I put my babies to bed without pacifiers!


Sarann said...

Seriously Miranda, I don't know how you do it and have time to blog! You rock Super Woman! I hope the paci process continues to work out for you.

Miranda Rose said...

Oh, I am far from Super Woman! You should see my house!! I wish! Thanks for the encouragement though, one day at a time and I mess up all the time. The paci revoke seems to be working and Brady was happy to put on his big boy pants this morning...fingers crossed! :)

Nate and Erin said...

Mylee and I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and stories! She always gets excited about seeing her cousins! Love and miss you guys!