Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beautiful day

Hello all!
It is a beautiful day today! Our windows are up and the birds have been singing so sweetly since early morning. This weather is making my spirits rise and  my soul thankful for my daily life.
Wiping smeared peanut butter off of fingers.

Chopping vegetables for chicken pot pie and someone to keep me company.
Anne learning that there are doors full of opportunities.
Taking a two year old potty.
Explaining how to do equations.
Watching the kids run in the yard.
Sweeping floors.
Joseph reading books with words far bigger than he is able to read, all because he wants to learn about Roy Campanella, learn about baseball, learn about the Dodgers.
Brady, supposed to be sleeping, caught in the act of playing cowboy while watching the garbage truck take away our garbage. {this really made me smile!}
Gathering soccer equipment that is scattered from last nights practice for Saturday's first game.
Toothless smiles for another day.
Jenna napping in my bed.
Hearing the washing machine running.
Cuddling up my one year old girl!
Talking to my mom on the phone.
A yard full of dandelions.
It all makes me smile today. My heart is happy and full of gratitude for this day. It's not the doing, not the stuff crossed off my to-do list, that brings the joy, it's the heart of thankfulness that sees all these as gifts.

I am reading One Thousand Gifts, I've been told since it came out that I should read it and it reminds many of my friends of my blog. I am blown away by this beautifully written book and humbled to think this space resembles any of the grace and wisdom it contains. Her story and mine are so very different but the lesson learned being engraved is very much the same, she just says it way more powerful that I ever could!  It's been just perfect reading for me, my SIL gave it to me for my birthday. {Thank you!}

My birthday is on Thursday! 31! {eek!} I'm excited, always excited about a birthday and celebrating another year I've been blessed to have with my family.
I had an iron infusion last week, I have been dragging since Christmas and it was only getting worse. My iron was low enough to qualify me for an iron infusion and I am SO thankful! I feel better already, though I know this is just the beginning.
I get another one tomorrow. Joe went with me last week, it took almost 8 hours! The whole experience was a blessing. IV's and I never go well together, my veins are like a child's veins. The nurse I had was kind enough to admit that she wasn't the one for the job and had a pediatric nurse come do the IV on the first try. 
After the IV was in, Joe and I talked and napped and watched TV and ate, all uninterrupted. I can not tell you how amazing it was, so awesome! I am so looking forward to feeling even better.
Last weekend, we loved Anne with a Little Monkey birthday party. Most of our family was able to make it and we just enjoyed being able to celebrate her life. I am excited to continue watching her grow!
We are counting down days of school! I am so ready for summer break, it's been a good year but I am ready to get things in order for next year. It's Jenna's big start to Kindergarten, she can't wait!

I hope the sun is shining on your day too!


~Mom ~ said...

The sun is shining and the birds are singing over here too! Even more now after seeing Brady's little face smooshed up against the screen, Anne's toothless grin and Joseph reading with his finger.
Loving this springtime and family to share it with.

Sweats, Nikes, and No Make-up said...

I was going to ask you if you had started reading it! Isn't it amazing??! I'm glad you like it and hope you continue to be blessed by it.