Friday, April 26, 2013

My baby is 1!

 I really didn't see her as a one year old, maybe I was in denial. I took her pictures earlier in the week and sure enough, she looks like a one year old.
 I am refusing to be sad about it, just thankful for this first year. It has been precious time with her. I have loved every. single. minute of her.
 She sticks her tongue out like this alot and it's so cute!
 She really loves her monkey, Brady call monkeys, nonkeys so we've actually started calling it Nonkey.
 Anne loves to patty-cake, she light up when we get excited when she does it. Now she when she gets excited she does this breathy pant.
 She is still crawling everywhere but can get up the steps in a second too if we don't block it off. I had gone to the grocery last night, when I came home I was walking down the hall and she was crawling with her head down, she saw my toes and started doing this little giggle she does to get attention.
 She is so sweet, I've been saying it for 12 whole months, and it is still so true. Her spirit is gentle and she is quiet, people always comment on how quiet she is. When she does jabber or laugh it's very soft.
I was most excited about doing these cake pictures, they are so much fun! She devoured it with pleasure.
 See I told you, she loved it!

 What a blessed year we have had with her! It amazes me how fast these babies grow.
Love you AnneGirl! To say you are the perfect addition to our family would be an understatement. You are so amazing and loved just as much!


~Mamma~ said...

AnneGirl, You just made my day! You are beautiful. I love the monkey pic and the scale pic and the cake pics... well, I just love them all but mostly, I just love YOU.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Mamma and Papaw
We love our # 9 girl! No one could ever take your place.

Miranda said...

Cute pics! She is adorable, Happy birthday Anne!

Nate and Erin said...

Cute pictures! I am so sorry I didn't get a card or anything in the mail before her Birthday. I had every intention of going to the store to get a little something for her and Jenna while your mom was here, but there was never time. Seems like the story of my life these days. *Sigh* Anyway, I will have to jump on that before we get up there! Love the chair in the pictures! I'd looked at the pictures several times before and never noticed what chair it was. So glad it worked for you! Happy Belated Birthday to sweet Anne! I see some Selah in her, so she definitely has the Brady genes in her!

Miranda Rose said...

Thank you Erin! The chair is perfect, I am glad to have it. Do not worry about getting the girls anything, it is really unnecessary, they will not even notice. You guys enjoy your time together! Praying for safe travels and a good time as a family. Hope you have lots of fun! Enjoy the beach for us! :)