Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snapshots of today

I am soaking up her last couple of weeks before turning one.
There will never be another first year with her. Oh, sweet baby girl, I whisper it into your ear all the time, I love you.
I am thankful for warm evenings in the back yard with 5 kids playing...meltdowns and all.
Anne's first time sitting in grass.
{Love} Before the meltdown. It was a loud one, a big huge fit because his turn to drive was over. Funny how time and experience changes things, I didn't even get mad about it. I'm sure all the neighbors heard him, I'm sure they saw me dragging him inside and him getting loose and me chasing after him and then him running out the door once I got him inside and me chasing after him again and packing him back in. {yes, I know that is a run-on sentence, that's the point!} The windows were up, I'm sure they heard him screaming all the way up the stairs and into bathroom. But you know what, big deal. I just gave him a bath and we moved on.
 Thankful for our swing set.
Thankful for dandelions, Jenna's favorite.
Joseph's sign he colored and taped together. Joseph does not like to color, this is a very big deal for him. He spent a long time on it.
Joseph finished his 1st grade math book today and is eager to start on 2nd grade math.
Brady has learned the fun of pretending and is always going somewhere or talking to some one. He loves to play like he is leaving us.
Reminded this evening that this life is incredible, every simple bit of it.
Potty training has been a huge success, still a work in progress of course, but he is doing awesome. Makes me happy and so thankful!

2 pacifiers are gone and not coming back!

Bethany has strep and my house is a wreck but I can't complain.


Lyndsay Taylor said...

you're awesome. :)

Miranda Rose said...

Thank you Lyndsay, you are as well! When my kids are well we need to hang out! :)

Mom said...

Love the picture of you and Anne in the yard! It captures your Mommy's heart.