Thursday, May 2, 2013

31 Gifts

I just want time to do one life well. ~Ann Voskamp

1. My aunt called to wish me a happy birthday, love her!
2. A friend emailed me.
3. Joe woke up to the alarm and dressed for work, kissed me good-bye just like any other Thursday morning. I faded back into sleep.
4. 7:15 he woke me, surprising me with the fact that he really didn't go to work.
5. "Guess where the kids are?" he grinned. With my mother in law. He'd woken the kids at 5:45, shushed them and packed them and all they needed into the van.
6. My sweet mother in law kept all 5 of the kids all. day. long. {Seriously, no small task! What a great birthday present she gave me!}
7. I had all day with my husband, that thought took some time to sink in.
8. We picked up breakfast on our way out of town.
9. Joe insisted that I get a pedicure, never had one before. From my vantage point, it was awesome. God bless the girl that scrubbed my feet! I swear she walked over and complained {in some other language} to her co-worker about my feet. She was talking and looking at my feet the whole time. The other lady said something I couldn't understand but she looked over at my feet too and her face said, "Oh, it's that bad, really!?!"
10. I have pretty pink toe nails and softer feet.
11. Finding 2 little necklaces at Forever21 that say "My Darling" on a heart. Bethany and Jenna call each other that when pretending and playing. It made me happy to buy them for both girls.
12. For a husband who likes to shop and makes it much more fun for me.
13. New clothes.
14. Outer and under. :) Who likes to shop for underclothes? Not me and neither did the little sweet older lady that griped right along with me. Instead of making me feel hopeless that it's always going to be this difficult, she made me laugh!
15. For a lunch date, good food and a cute guy in a blue ball cap.
16. Excited about Jenna's birthday dress we picked out for her. Just 5 more days 'til she is 5 years old. Oh, my precious girl is getting to big!
17. Anne was happy all day without me close by to nurse her, it's the only thing I worried about today and she was great.
18. The card I found in my make-up bag from my thoughtful girl, Bethany.
19. The way she hugged me and hugged me when we came to pick them up from my in laws.
20. My sister's Facebook status.
21. The card from my in laws.
22. A call this morning, from the beautiful woman who gave me life.
23. Trees that are green and almost full of shade.
24. Perfect weather for a birthday.
25. A scoop of ice cream on top of a warm cookie.
26. A wish on a yellow candle.
27. Soo many birthday wishes via text, email and Facebook.
28. Fresh flowers planted in the clay pot on my porch.
29. A heartfelt card from Joe, my favorite.
30. Talking, lots of talking and laughing.
31. For this incredible day to turn 31! I told Joe it might be my best birthday ever. I said that before I ever got out of bed this morning. His surprise took quite a bit of planning and he pulled it off perfectly. Best surprise he's given me since we got engaged. I really do LOVE my life!

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~Mom ~ said...

Happy Birthday Miranda!
May 2, 1982 was one of the best days of my life.
You were and ARE a precious gift to me for which I am forever thankful!
I love you.
HAPPY you had a HAPPY day. :)