Monday, May 13, 2013

Life is loaded

Hello friends!
It's been birthday's and Mother's Day and lots of cake around here. I had Hummingbird Cake for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago, it was so yummy I made it for Mother's Day yesterday. I didn't take a picture of it, but I'll be making another one sometime soon!

I had a fabulous Mother's Day, it was the first Sunday that the sun shined on our way into church in weeks. It was a really beautiful day. We have been attending a new church for a couple of months and are feeling so blessed by the pastor's messages. Particularly, yesterday's sermon was challenging and motivating. He preached about Moses' parents, their faith to keep Moses despite the king's edict. The title was Legacy of Faith, taking a stand for what we know God has called us to do, being obedient to Him and being an example in our home for our children of what it means to love the Lord with all our heart. Convicting, very convicting. I will post a link to the sermon when it is available on podcast. I personally have a hard time finding time to listen to anything online, but this is so worth the listen. You will be encouraged by it.

For me, Mother's Day is about being thankful for my mom* but also about having a heart of thankfulness to God for allowing me to be a mom. I really don't care about getting gifts, the kids make me cards and those are just fine. This year, Joe and I were shopping for cards for our moms and Joseph picked out a card for me. He told Joe that he would pay for it. It was a perfect card from Joseph, so him. The front of it was a boy in the middle of a messy room, so Joseph. It said, "From your Son, For all the times you have to tell me to do something twice..." On the inside it read, "Have a Happy Mother's Day! Have a Happy Mother's Day!"

I woke up to the popping of the floor in the hallway on Mother's Day, at 6:30. Then I heard Joseph open the girls bedroom door and whisper in a loud way, "Sissy! Sissy! Get up, it's Mother's Day!"
I heard them downstairs, banging around in the kitchen and soon they came upstairs. Then I heard rushing around and a vacuum running outside of our door.
Finally, Joseph came in, carrying a soggy bowl of Frosted Flakes, cereal he had dropped all over the carpet, outside of our bedroom! He told me Happy Mother's Day and went back to trying to clean up his mess again. I really just wanted to sleep, I didn't want cereal, inside I was cringing to think that cereal was in the carpet, but how could I be mad at my sweet boy!?
This is the first Mother's Day that the kids have taken initiative to do something special for me. Joseph was making plans in the middle of the week about what I might like them to do for me, clean the house or have a movie night.

There was a picture going around on Facebook about mother's just want to sleep in, go to the bathroom without an audience, have alone time and eat with two hands on Mother's Day. I. so. know. the feeling, but I didn't sleep in because I had a little boy eager to greet me with soggy cereal that he made for me. I went to the bathroom with a 1 year old peeking in the doorway and crawling to meet me, I spent the whole day with my kids and it was one less mother's day I'll spend with little children!

Let's not kid ourselves, motherhood isn't martyrdom. Motherhood is a blessing, it's busy, it's crazy, it requires and requires, it's exhausting and draining, it blows up our bodies and shrinks our brains, it's a huge responsibility but we mother's are not victims, we are rich! These days are numbered, some days, that is encouraging to know. I know I have those days too, but most of all we need to be intentional. Perfect, no. Have it all together, no. Fake it til we make it, no! I just want to be diligent and that is not easy for me.

I recently had to uninstall Candy Crush from my Facebook. I have never played online games via Facebook, but one night when I had insomnia really bad I started playing to pass the time and it became a great big giant hole, that swallowed up hours of my days and kept me up late at night, time I should have been fixing lunch or changing diapers or settling disputes or making me bed or reading my Bible or sleeping. Yeah, it was bad and I am ashamed to admit it, but that was not me being intentional or diligent!

I have been convicted to strive harder to be a better mom. I need to work on speaking more kindly to my children, especially when I am in a hurry to get us out the door. I need to work on being less irritated by the inconveniences they cause me with repeat messes. I need to set a better example by reading the Bible to them. I need to work on speaking God's Word when I correct them and patiently try to explain why their actions are wrong and should be different. So many times I think I have already explained something or told them why something is wrong, but I was reminded this weekend of how powerful it is to hear some one speak God's Word even though I've heard it over and over before.

God has opened my eyes to see my fault in many areas lately. From motherhood to insecurities I have about making new friends to jealousy I have toward wanting something others have. I am thankful for this time.
I think about blogging every day. The kids are always saying and doing funny things, my mind is always full of stuff I want to get out of my head and on paper, but time just doesn't allow, so I am here when I can get here.
Jenna turned 5!
5 is always like so big for me, I love it for her. She really wanted a play tent and sleeping bag for her birthday so that is what we got her and she loved it.
I am so proud of Jenna, she is so much fun for us. Joe and I went to a wedding last weekend and I wore heels. The girls were both shocked to see me in heels because they do not remember me wearing heels before. Heels are too complicated for me with little children to run after and carry around but the kids were staying with my parents so I wore them. I told the kids that one of the last times I wore high heels I fell down the steps of a church in front of a bunch of people and cut my leg really bad. {See?!} I took my trusty flip flops just in case and the girls knew that. Yesterday at lunch Jenna pipes up and asks, "So Mommy, how did the heels work out?" It was just really cute and thoughtful that she remembered!
On Jenna's birthday I took her picture with Anne, the two birthday girls! It reminds me of Jenna's birthday last year when she got what she wanted, a little sister. There is a picture in this post of the two of them last year.
Anne immediately started feeling, acting and looking more like a one year old. She still isn't walking but took her first couple of steps for her papaw last week. She doesn't have any teeth yet. I took her to her 12 month well visit and she weighs 20lbs 14oz and is 27 inches long.
She loves to pull out all the wet wipes or Kleenex's or all the toilet paper off the roll. She is becoming a busybody!
 Soccer is in full swing, it's been a bit crazy having 3 kids playing. They love it and have made some new friends. The first game we watched in the pouring rain and it was very cold! So far, the game days have been cold and wet, hopefully the sun will shine and I can get some pictures.

Bethany is doing standardized testing this week with a group of home schoolers. She has never done anything like this before. I am excited about learning her strength and weaknesses, although I am sure I won't be surprised. I am proud of her for taking the test, today was the first day and she seemed to handle it well. It is good practice for her to take a test in a classroom setting.

We are wrapping up our school this week and Joe finishes next week. I am ready for summer break, we all are looking forward to being able to go do some fun things together! Bernheim, here we come!
Brady and I are still working on potty training, he runs around in boots, cowboy hat and underwear alot. He loves to play cowboy with Joseph. He is all boy and then some. We were outside playing and a bumble bee was flying around the kids, they were all ducking and asking to go inside until it finally left. A few minutes later Brady is running across the backyard, chasing. the. bumble bee! I said that pretty much sums up Brady!
I have got to blog more often, I would love that!

* There should be more about my own mother in this post! She is my lifeline all the time, she encourages me and prays for me and continues to lead me by example! I am so thankful God gave me to her! Love you Mom!


Wanting What I Have said...

LOVED this post!!! I am so right there with you! And I loved what you said about motherhood, too! We aren't martyrs and there are some days knowing these days are numbered makes me glad, too. Thanks for keeping it real.

SailorMoon said...

Such inspiring words. I always waste time and I could be doing so much more!! Can't believe Jenna is 5!! She's my fav I think. Although all your kids are good kids!!

Miranda Rose said...

That is so sweet of you to take an interest in our life Sailor! She is special for sure!