Thursday, May 23, 2013

My BradyBoy

Brady is keeping this momma on her toes. It's a great thing he is so irresistibly cute.
He was caught painting his toes nails green the other day.
Every morning he has already raided the fridge before I even get my feet on the floor. This morning he had his hand in the jelly jar, scoops of grape jelly in the floor and filling his hands.
He has eaten cheese by the slices, reminds me of this little guy.
He likes to get out screw drivers and "fix" things by scratching them with the driver.
He is obsessed with wearing shoes and is persistent until we find the one that's missing or tie the one that's loose for the 10th time that day.
He likes to play in the bathrooms by running water in the sink.
He came to me with coffee breath this afternoon. He drank the remaining three-fourths cup of my coffee, that I meant to drink but got busy and never did. Here he is as I was putting him down for nap today!
He has been upgraded to the bottom bunk, or bo-um buk as he calls it. I am so glad the pack n play is out of their room.
I have been reminded once again how much a few minutes of quality time with each of my kids makes such a change in them. Brady loves it anytime I take a some special time to hug him and be goofy.
He loves to be prayed with, nap or morning, there is no way he is going to sleep until Joe or I pray with him.
On a person note, this is my third attempt at a blog post today. I've been having a difficult time finding a word or even a page of words to describe what is going on in my heart. It's hard to explain and I am not sure that I even understand it enough to explain it. So much has been going on inwardly, more-so than outwardly, although several things going on right now have definitely affected me.
My heart feels chaotic, all over the place on numerous subjects. It's been a bit overwhelming to have multiple aspects of my heart be upturned but I know there is a work going on. I feel myself longing for more of Jesus, more time to read His Word because He is the only one with answers, His words are the ones that calm my unsettled spirit.
I feel like this life is so hard and harsh, brutal and bitter. This nasty world has been boldly, brightly staring me in the face and I am frustrated by it, afraid even. The only remedy for the ugliness of this world, for the fear that shakes my spirit and angers my soul is resting in the Father. I need to seek Him more and trust Him more fully.
Even with all these scary emotions, there is an excitement because I feel Him here in my life, in the details, in the stirring up. I want to be nearer to Him, closer to His heart.
I have been listening to this song on repeat, because it is totally the cry of my heart right now. This week I dusted off my piano and taught Bethany, Joseph and Jenna to sing along to this song, such a sweet time with them. Jenna sings it so dear.
Tomorrow is Joe's last day of school and I am so excited about it! Looking forward to the holiday weekend and the weeks to follow with Joe home. And now I'm off to clean bathrooms!

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