Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer work and play

 Our first week of summer was jam packed full of work and fun as a family. The to-do list took quiet a hit, although we still have a long way to go. We found fun in the small things, in being flexible and not in a hurry, in being able to sleep a little longer and go to bed alot later, in cooking less and not having to juggle so much of the daily stuff while trying to tackle house projects.
Some of the things we've been doing...
Yard sales. I bought a zoo...
Last Monday we had 2 trees, 1 tiny lilac bush and 1 hosta in our yard. We now have 6 trees, 14 bushes, 6 hostas, 2 roses and 5 monkey grass. Joe made 3 new flower beds, I painted the foundation of our house and today we are having the driveway paved. We are excited about having a paved driveway, looking forward to that.
Having to remind myself what day of the week it is, they all run together and that is a really great problem to have.
Albuterol treatments for Jenna, nothing too bad thankfully!
 Playing in the sprinkler.
Time with family.
Playing on the play ground. 
Soccer practices and soccer games. {And still, no pictures! It's been a rough season so far, most of the games have been rainy or in a down pour. Joe has been filling in coaching at different times for all three of our kids teams, so my hands haven't been really free to take pictures while wrestling with a 2 and 1 year old, especially when it's wet and nasty.}
Anne finally cut her first tooth at 13 months!
Popsicles and frozen teethers.
My favorite thing that is new in our life right now is that Brady and Anne are becoming buddies. Anne has been hoping Brady would take her under his tutelage of how to have fun for some time. Over this past week Brady realized Anne is a pretty cool girl to hang out with and they are a duo.
I think this was the moment Brady first realized Anne would be a great wing girl for his mischievious heart.
This morning he was whining and crying because he wanted Anne to come upstairs and play in his room with him. A little while later, I found the 2 of them in his room with the door shut playing like they'd been playmates for years! This is major progress from Brady grabbing up his toys and yelling, "NO ANNE!" anytime she came within 5 feet of his play area.
I've been working on potty training with Brady again, I gave up out of my own busyness but we're back to it again.
I'm starting to think about ordering curriculum for next's on my to-do list.

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Lyndsay Taylor said...

whoo-hoo!!! The house and plants (what I can see from the pic) look great!!!! I'm inspired. :) I'm so glad you all are already having a great summer! Hope we can get together sometime and hang with you all!