Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Where is the time to blog?

We've been eating granola bars for supper, or cereal or Rice Krispie treats or whatever I can get my hands on without cooking.  Seems like we are grabbing something to eat on our way out the door every night. The kitchen sink has been full of dirty dishes, dishes that sat over night and are waiting to be loaded in the dish washer. The dish washer is full, needing to be unloaded since yesterday, or was it the day before?
Summer is here, we're in a hurry, yet not tied to a schedule. It's been busy and we've been working but occasionally napping and being lazy too. Our busy times are so hectic that in the calm times, I just crash. I leave the piles of laundry a little longer and we will do it later. Of course it is nice to have Joe home to help with everything!
We have VBS this week, the kids are thoroughly enjoying it. I am volunteering and it's been fun for me. I am really enjoying being able to help with VBS. It's been a long time since I was able to leave my little ones and serve. Joe stays home with Anne and Brady and I take the older kids with me. It seems silly to say that it has made me happy, but I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve outside of my own home. Our life and my health just doesn't allow for as much getting out and serving as I would like, that is an inner struggle for me sometimes. This week I am so grateful that God allowed me this opportunity. He knew my heart was longing to be there and He made it happen.
Tonight was our last soccer practice, hallelujah! It's been a crazy season, we knew it was going to take some sacrifices and extra energy to get through a season with 3 kids on 3 different teams, with 2 little ones to manage. It's been more hectic and challenging than we expected though. Joe wasn't planning to coach but ended up assistant coaching for Joseph's team. About the middle of the season he and I became coaches for Jenna's team when her coaches had a tragic emergency. We were happy to fill the need but it's been beyond crazy.
Anne and Brady usually snack their way through Jenna's hour practice or game, or Brady eats dirt, plays in dirt or finds someone to argue with on the side lines. Anne is buckled in her stroller, so sometimes she cries and sometimes our older kids or another family's older children play with her.
We coach Jenna's game with our four other kids at the bench with us. I go from figuring out playing rotation, to trying to appease Brady with another gooey snack, to cheering on the team, to giving into Anne's cries by holding her, then making sure someone isn't really injured, sending players to their parents for potty breaks, tying a players shoe and then back to making sure all my kids are accounted for, my 5 plus, 10 players.
I am tired of water bottles and sunscreen and folding chairs! 5 folding chairs and an umbrella, plus the stroller we carry and force to and from the fields. It's been a long season!
Joseph and Jenna are both #23 this season and Bethany was #2. Jenna has enjoyed her first season, alot of that had to do with snack time and carrying her water bottle and just having fun.
Joseph looks forward to being with his friends, he is very social. It's not that he doesn't like soccer or work hard, but most of all he just likes being with others. He LOVED basketball so much that soccer isn't as interesting. This is probably his last year of soccer, at least for a couple of years, because he wants to play basketball and baseball more than soccer. He has the same coach for soccer as he did for basketball and many of the same team mates, his coach and team mates have made it fun for him.
I love watching Bethany play, she is so aggressive and works really hard. Her team is third to fifth graders, she is younger than all her team mates. She is shorter than most kids her age already and being that they are all older she has to compete against her own team mates at times. Even still, she is out there to play hard. She pushes herself and loves it!
Anne is cutting her second tooth on the bottom in the front. There is nothing like finding her new tooth and all 4 of the kids have to come stick their fingers in her mouth and feel it! Oh, the joys of being #5! She takes is so well! She isn't walking yet, in no hurry but the little booger sure gets around and is becoming a climber. Surprisingly she climbed out of her bed the other day, it was too high but it was low enough that I didn't expect that yet.  We lowered her mattress right away and their is no way she is climbing out for many months. Her personality is still sweet and she is very quiet, except for when she is hungery and wants us to feed her another bite of food, then she squeals.
After blogging the last time, I went down stairs to find Brady in the dining room. He had gotten the spray we use to keep ants away and sprayed it on the table top, the chairs, the mirror, the floor and the walls!
He and Anne are buddies for life. I wasn't home but Joe found him smearing Aquaphor all over Anne and himself. They were behind the couch and by the time Joe found them, Brady had it all over their clothes, arms, feet, legs and caked into their hair! Joe said Anne thought it was hilarious and as Brady was rubbing it on her, she was belly laughing!
They had to have their hair washed 5 times, the fifth time was with dish detergent and they both still looked like they had gel in their hair. Joe said that Anne was belly laughing at Brady the entire bath time! I put baby powder in their hair the next day and that helped.

Edited: Less than 5 minutes after posting this, Brady was caught trying to flush a BRAND NEW tube of tooth paste down the toilet.

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