Saturday, July 20, 2013

5 random things about today

1. I stopped at an unexpected yard sale today and saw a dresser that almost perfectly matches the boys bunk beds. I was looking it over and making sure the drawers pulled out easily, the lady had $25 on it. I was just about to ask if she would take $20 and she said, "I'll take ten, if you'll take it." We have been needing to replace their dresser for quite some time, this made my day!

2. I bought Gain's Apple Mango Tango laundry detergent and it smells wonderful. I hadn't bought it in years and it took me back to washing laundry in the basement at our previous house, when we only had 3 little ones.
At one point, I blogged about making our own laundry detergent and I did for almost 2 years. After some time though I did not like the wear on the clothes and some of the clothes would get small holes in them. I have recently gone back to buying detergent and now I just use so much less of the store bought kind. I have missed the scents.

3. We were on our way home from grocery shopping tonight and Mandisa's new song "Overcomer" came on the radio. We had a full blown dance party in the van, Brady LOVES to clap and jump. I want to remember his cute face, with a great big smile on it as he jammed to that song. The message is powerful and so encouraging.

4. Our AnneGirl took some major steps walking today and by the end of the day she was taking off 10 - 12 steps. It is so neat to see her confidence rising. We are so proud of her and excited for her to be a walker. The switch turned and I think her crawling days are numbered, single digit numbered.

5. Joseph lost his 8th tooth today and this time he pulled it himself instead of waiting for it to fall out on it's own, in his bread or cookie and eat it! we had ice cream to celebrate.

Today I just wanted to note that I love our life. It's crazy, yes. There are definitely things that Joe and I see we need to improve on as parents and in our own disciplines. There is always a long list of things to do or stress about not doing. We don't have it all together, we make mistakes. Life can be difficult and things happen out of nowhere that really get us down, but how thankful I am to have this life!
We are blessed, the things we see our children say and do, the funny and sweet moments are so worth all the work. This journey we are on is drawing us closer to the Lord. He is present here in the daily, weekly living. This life we are creating with God is imperfect and yet we are blessed despite ourselves. We are so thankful that the Lord sees fit to give us these 5 little people, our life is full of happiness.

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Lyndsay Taylor said...

Yay! Loving the life you have and having the life you love! :) Your blog always inspires me to relax and dig in my heels to family life.