Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Riverside Farnsley-Moreman Landing

It lifts my mood to blog, helps me focus on the good, sweet things that make me happy in life. I have a head ache right now, I've decided cereal is for supper, so here I am! I have missed being here a little more often, everything is pretty inconsistent with summer in full swing. I love it but part of me yearns for routine again. It will happen and I know when it does I will miss this. :)

I've been all over Instagram and my DSLR camera is in need of a good cleaning! I promise I'll return to it, right now my iphone camera is part of how I'm living. It's really fun to take things as they come and explore along the way, to lazily take on these days and decide what we are going to do at noon!
One of our favorite things we did this summer was visit Riverside, Farnsley-Moreman Landing. I had never heard about this place, but came across it on Amazon local and bought a tour. It was the neatest historical place we have visited, ever. I had goose bumps the entire time we were there because it was like going back in time!
Our tour guide let Joseph unlock the door, which was the original door knob with a remade key that looked original. There was so much in and about this house that was original or belonged to the families that had lived there in the 1800's. The tour guide was enthusiastic about the history of this home and property, she loves her job and was extreemly nice to us and our children.
Unlike most historical places we have been to, we were able to walk throughout the house, no roped off doorways. We were able to touch many items, very old items. It was more educational for the kids since they were allowed to touch the rough fabric of a pair of pants or the wire netting that went under a dress. They felt the texture of the carpets, touched the blanket that was woven to replicate a blanket on display, that was woven by a slave at the plantation.
It was exciting to learn about the ongoing archaeological dig of the property. We were able to see many artifacts that have been recovered from the property. The city that owns this has plans to continue rebuilding and adding back lost buildings, but I was so impressed by all that is here already.
Joe and I were in shock that this really awesome place exists and we had never heard of it before. Even if we had paid full price for the tour, it would have been totally worth the money!

It was inspiring to see a home from so long ago, built completely of materials from the land, except the windows, still standing and it's story being told.
We had a picnic afterwards and made a day of it. I can't say how highly I recommend this place! I hope you will go visit and support it, I am so thankful we had the opportunity to go, it won't be our last time there.

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