Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer goings and doings and blessings and thanksgivings

It's going to be a hot week here and I am hoping to work on many inside cleaning, de-cluttering projects. I need to start getting the house in order for another school year. Each summer it's always nice to go with the flow and let normal routine and chores fall to the wayside as we focus on just being and enjoying our time with Joe. At this point in the summer though, I get a little antsy to put our lives back in order and knowing that without some major housework underway our school year will be greatly hindered.
It makes me excited when it's time to start getting the house and school back in order, but of course it's very hard for us to transition to everyday life without Joe home. The kids get dependent on having him here all the time and two of us to take care of them. Joe helps with the housework and the kids ALOT! He changes diapers, washes dishes, runs laundry, plays with the kids, mops the floors and jumps right in to lighten all the busy duties of a house with 7 people. We are in for a huge transition, we always are, we all know it and we know that it is good to have both seasons in our year. I am always thankful to have him home all summer and since he has to go back to work I am thankful for the new routine we can set when he goes back.
We still have a couple of weeks before school starts but Joe has days he starts going back in next week. This summer break has been fun and a really great time for our family. We haven't had a summer where we traveled this much, ever. All of us are thankful for the days we have and the memories we are making.
We picked blueberries with my mom one day.
We visited historic Locust Grove, on the 4th. It was a rainy day and admittance to the museum and house were free for the holiday. I think, the tour may have been better if we had gone on a regular day and had to pay. Since is was open to the public, volunteers were talking in each room and it was a bit confusing to follow the timeline of the house and get a full story about the history. We did enjoy it and asked lots of questions about the house and the family history.
The museum is very nice and educational and we enjoyed our time there. We will definitely go back when we are covering Lewis and Clark and the kids can take in more info from it. There were clothes they could dress up in and really neat displays. The property is beautiful but we didn't get to fully walk around it all because of the weather.
The kids have been soaking up sun in the blow up pool, a little too much sun I must confess. I always love to watch them play in the pool and have fun though, the water does them good. The energy they burn off splashing and yelling at each other is wonderful!

 I have wanted a Chicco umbrella stroller for a couple of years, since I realized that it is a great alternative to a big, bulky stroller and offers more than a cheap umbrella stroller. The price tag was out of the budget though and the single stroller we have recently started falling apart. We have been through many strollers of all sizes and shapes. A couple of weekends ago, I found the stroller I've wanted for $3 at a yard sale!
These small details are the things that make me so happy, just like wildflowers make me happy!
We spent the day playing near and in a creek. The kids were so thrilled to do this, they absolutely LOVE playing in creeks.
While we were there, Jenna found a turtle. He ended up coming home with us because they begged and begged to have him swim in the pool.
They also found a frog and Joseph was a mess pretending he was Turtle Man. Joseph had a complete blast that day!
Anne even had fun sitting on a rock and fishing out little rocks to play with out of the creek. She sat and smiled as she played quietly, Anne always plays quietly.
We took a roadtrip with my sister and parents last weekend to Lambert's. That was a really fun day too. If you haven't eaten at Lambert's is so worth making a roadtrip, the food is good and it's a neat place. The kids loved catching rolls! I am so thankful that my kids can make memories and live their childhoods with such loving and involved grandparents.
Also last weekend Joe and  I had a date night...these times are so very special to us. As we walked to the van from dropping the kids off with my parents I said that I felt like I did the first time we went out, that giddy!
We ate at the Spaghetti Factory and then walked over the Ohio River on a new walking bridge. The River Bats set off fireworks after the game and we watched them from the bridge. Perfect time together!
Spending time together never gets old and always brings us to remember how blessed we are to be able to share this life together.
AnneGirl is still. not. walking. She is so close, all she has to do is let go and she just doesn't want to yet. She is teething, only has 2 teeth.
I know, I say it all the time but she is truely the sweetest baby girl. Her calm spirit and gentle ways melt our hearts. Precious she is!
Brady is just a never ending bundle of energy and joy, he thinks everything is funny and the more people to laugh at his crazy stunts the better. He is a ram rod and rough as cob, as Joe puts it. He is always hurting us because he enjoys being rough.
Jenna is spunky as ever, her carefree ways are so ingrained into who she is and we love that about her.
Wow, I was just planning to post an assortment of pictures and this has turned out to be very lengthy. Now I feel like I'm wrapping this up short but I must end it. I am so blessed to have these days with my kids and watch them grow up. Life is so precious! 
Thank you God, for giving me these days with these incredible people! My heart is full of praise for all that have done and continue to do for us!

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