Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Brady Adventures

One night recently I woke up to Anne crying at 2:30 AM. She is a great sleeper and doesn't wake up in the middle of the night but after 15 minutes I went to get her and nursed her in our bed. As I was laying there, I heard a booming noise that made me think of gunshots, possibly in a neighbors house. Creeped out, my mind wondered and I longed for sleep, half in and half out of it. Then I heard a louder noise, a hard knock, it sounded like it was coming from our downstairs possibly our garage. I immediately thought it might be someone breaking in. I woke Joe and we quietly listened for a few seconds and it happened again. Joe went to the top of the stairs, my heart was pounding and and he yelled, "Who's there?"
Instantly Brady came running across the pitch black downstairs and started crying saying, "Daddy, sucker! I want it!" He had found a sucker on the counter in a bowl, in the pitch dark! As he was crying he kept saying, "Daddy you s-ared me!"
The next morning I pieced together that he was the reason Anne was crying because he likes to go in and get in her bed and take her paci. He doesn't do it often but he has done that from time to time. I cannot imagine how Anne must have felt being woke up by Brady and having him take her blankets and paci.
We woke up on Sunday morning to Joseph yelling at Brady downstairs. The smell of nail polish hit me first thing at the top of the steps and at the bottom I saw he had opened and dumped 4 colors of nail polish on the love seat. Purple, green, blue and hot pink. He had painted his feet and hands and all I could do was exclaim over and over, "Oh. MY. WORD!" It did not come out of the fabric, the blessing was it only got on the cushions so I was able to turn them over. What was on the carpet I got out fairly well.
Last night, he wrote all over his legs with a permanent marker.

Today alone he,
-ate his cereal with 3 spoons and made a complete disaster of the dining room table and floor with Cocoa Rice Krispies.
-ingested 3 tubes of the girls lipsticks.
-scribbled on his sheets with a black ink pen.
-pooped in his Pull-up at naptime and took it off, changed his shirt that was dirty and tried to clean up the carpet with his shirt and even put on a clean shirt that instantly became dirty.
-peed in his underwear while sitting at the table waiting for supper.

These are just the biggies I can remember off the top of my very tired head. He keeps busy and me busier. The boy is amazing and exhausting, he's incredible and unbelievable. These days are all note worthy, we are living history watching him grow and the messes just keep coming along with the cuteness.
Tonight he "drove" on the golf cart at my parents and he picked some sour blackberries in their woods. After he ate one I had to film him eating the rest... enjoy.

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Jillian said...

Shew!!! You are certainly one busy momma! I guess life is never dull with little ones running around! Hope you are well!!!