Thursday, August 15, 2013

The start of another school year and more

I am excited about this new school year, it's a fresh start, a clean slate and a new beginning. We have so much to learn and I am up for the challenge, cannot wait to make progress academically with each of the kids this year. Our school room has a fresh color on the walls, the new books are all in and it feels good to start settling in again. I have missed this place, though the break will soon be missed equally as much.
Our first day of school picture, this is real life at our house people. Brady's shirt was inside out, he insisted on wearing corduroy pants in August, that are too small. Joseph has a squirrel call around his neck and Anne is completely overloaded on polka-dots.
Jenna started Kindergarten! She is over the moon enthused and her eagerness is contagious. Her style of living and learning is so not like mine or her older sister and brother, which I think is awesome about her. It feels foreign looking into her smiling face and seeing so little retention but such a love for learning. Seriously, it's hilarious how little she remembers from the time I tell her to repeat something after me. Like I said though, I wouldn't want her any other way, her soul is just carefree and full of living in the moment and I adore that about her. Precious she is! We are in this to grow together and I know the two of us are going to go places this year.
It's a challenge, Jenna can be very demanding in her excitement for me to work with her none stop. Obviously, Bethany and Joseph require direction and help and Brady has been right in the middle, crawling over books, under our feet, grabbing pencils out of our fingers and scribbling all over himself with permanent markers. I picked up some new toys and fun things to have on hand for school time and only school time. That has helped only a small bit, he wants me to help him read or teach him to write just as badly as Jenna. Thankfully Anne takes a very long morning nap!
It's a challenge and when people ask me how I do it, I can only say, one day at a time. There is a good work going on in my heart, it's not easy to see my fault and then stop doing it, but I am working to be a better example to my kids. My most recent work-in-progress is my attitude when I'm tired, and tired of cleaning up, another mess, that I didn't make. I realize I grumble and complain about my work and then I wonder why the kids have such poor attitudes when it is time for them to do a chore. I continue to be amazed at how the Lord uses these everyday moments to grow me when I am the one trying to grow my children. {smile}

Convicting stuff comes out of my mouth when I speak to them and as I pray for help. Smacks me in the face all the time! It is a rich feeling though when I take time to truly sit and talk to the kids and share why something is right or wrong, or how we can grow to be more like Christ and I admit my own struggles and faults. Things fall into place in ways that only God can work, like we talk about a certain struggle and they have Bible reading that goes right along with what we discussed. Only God can take my imperfect parenting and turn it into growth.
 Another area that God has shown me I need to change is by getting up earlier in the morning. I am not a morning person, never have been, it is not easy for me to wake up at 8, not to mention 5:45. With my past history of anemia, insomnia and thyroid disease it's been especially difficult for years. I am always dragging myself and forcing myself to push beyond fatigue and I do believe I get the best sleep in the late morning.
Recently though, it's been a needed, necessary change in our home and together with the Lord's help it is happening! I never thought that I could get up so early in the morning on a regular basis. I am hopeful that as I continue to get up early my sleep pattern will improve and I will be able to get the sleep I need by falling asleep earlier. It definitely presents a challenge on my already tired, thyroid imbalanced mental self, but the benefits have been what keeps getting me out of bed each morning. I am able to get up with Joe, have breakfast with him and talk, interrupted. We are able to read and pray together and I am awake and {mostly} ready to go when the kids get up. Some mornings I get to have alone time with whomever wakes up first or time with just a couple of the kids before everyone is up. I have really enjoyed it.
This guy is rocking the big boy underwear. I was putting him to bed the other night and said, " I am so proud of you..." Before I could finish he said, "Fer go-in' potty!" He loves Mater and the Mater underwear I bribed him with seem to be doing the trick.
Brady has finally turned the corner on going to church nursery and is happy to go play and participate in the lesson time. We were shocked last week when after going through a drive-thru he started singing, "Gaw-d, are Faw-der, Gaw-d are Faw-der, we tank you, we tank you, fer are bwessings..." I was full of gratitude and sweet love for his teacher that has worked and worked with our screaming, unhappy son for several months and loved him despite his age and attitude!
Anne is suddenly 15 months, walking all over the place and surprising me with little things she does. I took her to a well visit and she weighed 21lbs 7oz and is 30 in long. While waiting I let her play with my phone and she held it up to her face and said, "Eeese" like she was taking a picture. After the doctor looked into her ear she exclaimed, "Ay" and patty caked for herself.
 She has been such a nonchalant developer, so it's fun to watch her come alive. We see her do things and it's like a light comes on in her mind that she can do things the older kids do and she is in absolute wonder of herself. Her personality is still calm and quiet, she walks around and you can hardly hear her coming because she doesn't make a peep most of the time.
Today I told her no and she was completely crushed and let out the biggest wail and tears that looked like they seeped up from her toes. She was mortified!

Bethany has been taking a major role in cooking supper, she loves it and I am trying to really let her learn and take charge in the kitchen. I was glancing back through pictures from last August and cannot believe how much her appearance has changed in a year. Later Bethany saw a picture of herself and said, "Look at me, I have a baby face!" It's crazy how fast my girl is growing up, such a great helper and leader in this home.
These two best buds are the same height now. I measured them this morning and marked it in the doorway with the same exact line. Bittersweet for Bethany but she kind of liked it more than she let on I think.
Joseph is ready for hunting season, in case the squirrel call around his neck wasn't enough of an indicator. He whizzes through his school work everyday and is ready for Joe to come home. He misses the extra man power around here.
Thankful that he is such a sweet boy who still takes time for puppet shows in the middle of the kitchen for Anne. The kids brought up having another baby the other day and were wondering what it might be, I am not pregnant but they like to talk about hypothetical stuff like this often. Joseph was emphatic that it should be a boy and when I asked him how he would feel if it was another girl he said, "Well...I guess if she's as cute as Anne, I'd be okay with it."

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Love this! Thank you for sharing. Your kids are beautiful and so full of joy!