Friday, August 16, 2013

Tips for homeschooling with little ones

It's a beautiful June-like day, even though it is August, and it's Friday so I am one happy momma! Jenna was disappointed to find out that we will not be having school over the weekend. Our first full week went well overall, but it was not without it's moments. From Monday to Friday I can tell a huge difference in all of us as we learn to adapt to this new routine. Brady did much better today.
A few tips to dealing with small toddlers while homeschooling...
Snacks, it is all about marshmallows, goldfish and animal crackers. Productivity in schoolwork goes up with the quality and quantity of the snacks for the little ones.
New-to-them toys and games, I've been picking up toys at yard sales all summer and stashing them away. I try to not pay more than a couple of dollars, so that when the pieces are lost or the kids get tired of it I don't feel bad about packing it out.
Some one gave Bethany a plastic nativity set and I let them play with that. Today Brady was frustrated with Anne wanting to play with piece to his Thomas set and he said, "Go play with Jesus, Anne!"

And lastly, you just have to stick it out and choose to be patient. There is no way around interruptions and distractions. It takes learning how to respond in the right way for everyone involved. We are working on it.
I have Play-doh for emergency situations, I can't let these two watch something educational on TV because they wouldn't be watching TV, they would be tearing into some new discovery by demoing out the house. Naptime is our biggest friend too.
We finished school early enough to go outside during Brady's naptime, I took my Canon outside instead of my iPhone. {Yay, me!} Glad to have it back in hand.
Believe it or not Jenna learned alot this week, but I like I mentioned before, she learns her own way. Thankfully, I find her irresistible!
Happy Weekend!

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Nate and Erin said...

Mylee was worried about Anne's spilt marshmellows...she said, "Oh no, Anne spilt her marshmellows!". Great post! Makes me excited to homeschool some day, but thankful I'm not there yet as well! =) Love you guys, praying for everyone as you all start school back. Give your little ones hugs from us!