Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend was very nice, the long weekend was sweet. We celebrated my mother in law's birthday, played Rook with family, were convicted and motivated by an incredible sermon at church, had Sunday lunch with new friends, played more Rook with family and went to Bernheim yesterday.
 The kids played in a dry creek bed and climbed a steep hill.
 Bare feet didn't stop Anne, she dig her toes in and got them nice and dirty.
 We drank Sarsaparilla and Cream Soda.
The kids rode bikes, Jenna hung in there. She has to work really hard to pedal her bike and they rode quite a long distance.
It was a fun time, the kids were all dirty and we all enjoyed the exercise. As always Bernheim is our favorite.
This short week, is even shorter than usual because we celebrate our 10th anniversary and are getting away for a couple of nights. Bethany turns 9 on Saturday so we have much to be thankful for and celebrate. Cannot wait!

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