Friday, September 13, 2013

Little bits of life

I am just going to say that Instagram may be the death of my blog, I hope not but I do love the ease I have of capturing thoughts and life events via my Instagram. Plus, 15 second videos I post there have totally helped me preserve these days for later. Jenna's Kindergarten adventures are posted there and they will make you laugh.  If you aren't on Instagram I strongly suggest it, because I love it! If you follow me, then some of this will be familiar, but I also have more in my head than just my Instagram page.
Bethany turned 9 over the weekend. She is precious to me, I just simply think she is incredible. I wanted to get her picture in front of our house with balloons we put in the yard for her party. Brady immediately wanted to be in the picture too and before I could speak up, Bethany happily included him without a thought that the picture was supposed to be all about her.
The ways she allows all the other kids into her spaces amazes me, because I know it is a struggle for her to constantly have her things strung out and she definitely needs alone time. She sacrifices in ways I take for granted and I am thankful that the Lord brought this up for us to talk about several weeks ago. She has helped me see ways she is loving and kind but how she also needs to be given the freedom to have her time.
I am loving this stage of life with her. I am not one to rush my kids growing up and I actually have to work at not living in the past by wishing them younger. However, having a 9 year old daughter rocks and is far more fun than I ever would have thought.
Last week she started 4H sewing classes which was more exciting for me than for her. She had fun, I am so anxious for her to take this class and learn how to sew because I think she will absolutely love sewing and making things. I also appreciate that fact that I get to go with her. Since I know how to sew and took the same class when I was 10, I sit with her and teach her and it is just really sweet to me that I get to have time with just the two of us. The feeling is mutual. I could teach her at home but it wouldn't be the same, it's hard to find time to do that kind of stuff in our house, there would be interruptions and it would not be time with just the two of us. I am also hopeful that this will be something she can stick with and continue enjoying 4H beyond this class.
Brady loves to help me do anything, he loves to be given chores and beams when I praise him for working hard. His favorite thing for some time is to help me unload the dishwasher. The other day I was having Jenna shake out kitchen rugs and Brady came into the kitchen with the rug that is at the front door and told me he was going to shake it out for me. I was really impressed and told him I didn't know what I would do without my helpful boys and he just lit up.
Brady talkes really well and all the time, his conversations crack me up and amaze me. He is doing great with going potty but still sleeps in a Pull Up. Lately he has been pooping in his Pull Up in the morning before I have him change into his underwear. So yesterday I told him I was tired of this and might just not change him if he did it tomorrow and he wouldn't like to wear that all day. {Scare tactic of course!} I didn't change him right away because I was working on something and after playing for awhile he came over to me and asked me to change his diaper, distracted I didn't answer him right away and he said very  matter of fact, "Mommy, I wike changin' poopy diapers! I do." It was hilarious because it was like he was trying to use reverse psychology on me to change his diaper. {I have no idea where he learned that!?!}
Anne and Brady are becoming buddies and it's amazing to watch them play together because they are so very different. Anne squeals at Brady when he offends her by taking her toy or eating her food, but Brady is learning that being sweet and talking to her softly works much better.
 Brady loves to pretend, he does alot of talking and narrating and Anne goes right along like she understands what he is saying. The funniest thing is that Brady always wants to pretend that Anne is "Mom". None of the kids call me mom so it is really interesting that he picks her to be "Mom". He always plays like he is older, going to work, driving a car, that kind of thing and it's comical to watch him waving good bye to his mom that is smaller than him.
He will come find Anne to play with him. The other night Joe and I were working on something and Anne was upstairs with us. Brady calls up the steps, "Mom! Moooom! I neeed you." He comes to find her calling for mom the whole way and then he sees her and says, "OH, there you are Mom. Want to come play with me?"
The three oldest have been practicing for our church Christmas program and there were auditions for solo parts. I didn't expect any of our kids to want to audition, at first Bethany and Joseph said they weren't going to and Jenna wanted to try out. After I explained what that meant to Jenna she agreed that she didn't want to audition either. The day before auditions all three of them decided they were going to try out. We were very impressed at their interest and boldness to do that. I now it was especially hard for Bethany, incredibly hard and I am so proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone.
We were leaving church and asking how their auditions went and Jenna started telling us how nervous she was before her audition. This is how she talks, all the time... "So, I was like, like so nervous. I was standin' in the hallway waitin' to go in and I just, I mean I just didn't know, like if I wanted to do that but I was like, like I did it." When we asked her how she did she told us she forgot the words, so the ladies told her she could sing anything she wanted. She couldn't think of anything so they suggested she sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. "I don't think I did a very good job because, well because I didn't know all the words and they kinda had to help me, I mean, you know, I don't really, like, know that song. So, I just hope they don't pick me, because I don't want to have to sing in front of everybody. I mean, I want to sing, I do but not by myself just with the other kids, so I really, really hope that I don't make it."
{I am not exaggerating this is how she talks and how her mind works all the time and it is adorable.}
This week, they found out who was picked, so after church Jenna very happily told us she did not get a solo. "I am so glad, they didn't call my name and I was like, YES! I was so relieved, I did. not. want. a solo. I just kept thinking, don't pick me, please don't pick me!"
Joseph got a solo part which was a surprise, just because he wasn't even going to audition and hasn't done anything like that. It also isn't surprising because he has a very outgoing personality, especially at chuch. I know he will do great and we are excited for him to do something new and different.
 {Bethany's drawing}
Bethany did not get a solo and she was crushed, she held herself together until we got to the van but then melted into tears. It broke our hearts, especially since I know she put herself out there more than the other two kids. I am not sure if she wanted it more than we realized or if it was even more painful because Joseph was picked and she wasn't. We were able to talk about it and she handled it all very well. She understands how proud we are of her for trying and also seems to have really taken the lessons to be learned from it with maturity and grace.
Bethany was asked to audition for a speaking part and she was picked for that, which at the time didn't make her feel any better. I totally know that she is very well suited for that, she has a great reading and speaking voice, she emphasizes well.
This picture is from a day when I was trying to get us all out of the door and Anne was tired and fell. She was really upset, crying and I asked Joseph to rock her for a few minutes while I finished up what I was doing. 5 minutes later I found the two of them like this, Anne fast asleep. Anne will hardly ever fall asleep for me even.
Joseph and Anne are kindred spirits they have the same sweetness and their hearts mesh together and melt mine. One morning this week, Anne had to kisses Joseph every time she went up another step and she does not give out kisses often.
Joe and I were blessed to able to get away for our anniversary last week. My sweet, dear, amazingly supportive mom kept all 5 of the kids for us and we could never repay her for the gift she gave us, we has an amazing time together. It was supposed to be two nights but we ended up driving down late at night and making it 3. I am so glad that we did, it still wasn't long enough.
 We had not gone away in years, I don't even remember when it was and I don't think we have ever been away from the kids for 3 nights except when I had a mono or a baby. Both of us had so looked forward to this short trip and it was exactly like we thought it would be, completely wonderful.
It was shocking how different life was with just the two of us and such a sweet time together. I actually had a really hard time coming home, I would have liked to have stayed a couple more nights. I missed the kids alot, but I didn't worry about them once and we knew they were in good hands and would be waiting for us when we got back.
It seems really ungrateful of me to say that now, I know how big of a deal it is to get 3 days and 3 nights away. I am really thankful for the chance to get away but it left me wanting more and it took me a couple days to accept the fact that it was over. Our time away was so fun and freeing.
I read a really awesome Charles Spurgeon devotional in the early morning hours of my quiet house yesterday. You can read it by clicking the photo above, I hope it blesses you.
It's Friday ya'll and on Monday I didn't know how I was going to make it through the day! Thankful for Friday and for this fall weather that finally showed up today. It makes me happy, excited about weekend time with family and church on Sunday.

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