Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sisters~Bethany & Jenna

I am actually sitting down to type a new blog post and just clicked on the icon to do's been too long! We are enjoying fall break this week, the weather is gorgeous and as always the time off of school and with Joe is so nice. Home school is busy, teaching 3 vs. 2 takes more time than I will let myself calculate, but just know that my time to blog is harder to come by than ever.
One of the things I haven't had/made time to do is take Jenna's birthday pictures, her birthday was in May and I hadn't taken Bethany's either. So, last night I needed to scout out a new-to-me photo shoot location and decided to pitch the girls in the van and go make some fun with them as we took their pictures.
I had no idea how much fun I was in for with these two.
Within 3 minutes of being there, Jenna was so excited and took off running. She fell HARD on pavement and tore a hole in her legging that left fibers in the pavement and a huge scrape on her knee. It was awful! I scooped her up and took her back to the van. If it had been any of my other kids we would have gone home and called it a night, not Jenna. She was hurting badly but toughed it out for me. I put a band aid on her knee and you'll see it in all the pictures.
You can visibly see the pain on her face in these first pictures, she was trying so hard to smile but it really burned and hurt.
 Also, you will notice she has her purse in most of the pictures. Her purse is part of her body right now. It goes everywhere with her, from bed in the morning to breakfast and school. Her arm is fused in a right angle position. She brushes her teeth, goes to the bathroom, eats and probably sleeps with it on her arm. The other day we were in a store and I noticed she had 2 purses on her arm! I asked her why on earth she was packing both and she said one didn't fit all of her stuff. She loves her purse!
There were little shops all around us and it wasn't too long before the girls were begging me to let them go inside one and look around. After we finished up pictures we did go looking, they were both so excited and chatting all the time. I love it when they are so, so happy and bubbling over with excitement. They had to touch and see every little thing. One shop had a room with hats and jewelry and they were beside themselves being goofy and laughing at each other. I wish I could've bottled up the sound of them both.
 Our beautiful Bethany is 9 already and I just can't believe how old she looks! She loves to read and is devouring books faster than I can toss them to her. Our recent trip to the library left me feeling overwhelmed with the task of previewing the content of the books she brought home. In the last couple of weeks she read, Heidi, Little Women and Black Beauty, plus more that I can't remember.
I love her so much! Having a 9 year old daughter is very fun. It makes me grateful for all my girls, love having daughters.
After shopping I decided we would eat at this little restaurant by the shops and it was such a sweet time with my 2 oldest girls. Times like these make me realize how quickly they have grown and how precious they are to me. I only planned on taking pictures but I am so thankful it turned out to be such a memory making night. Jenna was being her crazy self and was talking faster than she was thinking.
Our waitress greeted the table next to us with a very southern, "How are ya'll ta-niight?" and Jenna promptly repeated her tone and accent back by saying, "Ta-niight!" very loudly. Bethany and I couldn't help laughing at her. Jenna is such a fun person, she is happy and free. So little and so full of life and laughter. 
Jenna was loving the fresh bread and her milk, she kept saying, "This is soo good!" As the waitress told the table next to us she would go get them homemade bread Jenna said, "Oo-oo!! It's home made, Sissy! That's why it's sooo good!" She was also hoping we'd have desert and kept asking if we could have/did they have desert, as she unrolled her napkin she said, "They have desert! They have desert! I know because they gave me 2 forks and a spoon!"
 These girls are definitely sisters, they drive each other crazy.
But love each other more than they'll ever realize!
For me, this was one of the best nights of my life, that list keeps growing. As I watched and listened to them I thought, "I have never lived until tonight." I hope and pray that I get many more moments with them like that. Thank you God for these two beautiful and happy girls!

For more pics of our time together you can check out my instagram!

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