Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our October

Our October was fabulous and a whirlwind of busyness. It began with the 6 week early arrival of my newest niece. She is beautiful and such a healthy girl who has thrived since she arrived. Her birth allowed us to have some sweet time with my two older nieces. They stayed with us for several days and nights throughout October and we loved having them around. Our house was full and so much fun! Seven kids ages, 9, 7, 5, 3, 2, 1 and 1.

Anne and Celie were so funny together. Celie is a couple of months older than Anne and talks alot more. Anne learned to say, "Mine." from Celie but not in a bad way, just like in a way of wanting something. Anne made a paci look really good to Celie, who usually sucks her finger. They are such cute stinkers!
 Jenna and Maddie loved playing all things dress up or tea party or dancing in the living room or swinging on the playground.
Meet Emilie...
We took Maddie with us to our pumpkin patch fieldtrip in early October.
We had such a great time, we went back on Joe's fall break as a family with Anne and Brady. It was an awesome pumpkin patch and the kids loved the fast slide and baby goats. When we took Brady he loved playing in the tables of field corn with the dumptrucks and bulldozer toys. Joe and I were sitting at a picnic table watching the older kids on the slide and Brady and Anne were to the side of us playing in the corn. All of the sudden Joe gasped and scared me to death! I thought Brady or Anne was falling or about to get hurt. He jumped up and ran over to pull Brady's pants up, he was peeing in the middle of the open area with people walking all around. By the time Joe reached him he was finished and totally not concerned about Joe scolding him. We were those parents!
We went to Bernheim the next day, also on fall break. We always have an enjoyable time there and took a hike as a family.
Brady also peed in public at the playground here too, even though we reminded him on the way there that we do not pee in public. :( Still, "those" parents.
Anne climbed up on this rock and said, "Ta-da!" She learned that from Celie when she stayed with us. They both took turns climbing on the ottoman and then saying, "Ta-da!"
On the Friday of Joe's fall break we went to play at the playground at the school down the road from our house. We played there almost everyday of fall break. We were meeting my mom and nieces there. Jenna ran straight across the playground and was on the second step to go to the slide when she fell and hit her face without catching herself. It was immediately obvious that she was hurt seriously.
Jenna is our tough child, she is like a rock. She had fallen a few days prior when I had taken her and Bethany's pictures, she also fell almost as hard at Bernheim the day before with very little crying and complaining. Joseph ran over her heel with the stroller I know how painful that is, and still she was a tough cookie. This time she was in terrible pain which has to be alot for Jenna. Thankfully, my mom had just pulled in so we left all the kids with her and rushed Jenna home to calm her and clean up her bloody mouth.
At first her mouth bled but not very long. Her teeth were pushed back and loose and she just screamed and sobbed and shook with pain, it was the worst pain I have ever seen my child in and it was very sad. We debated taking her to urgentcare and even got in the van to go but really felt like there was very little they could do for her and it was most likely a wait and see kind of thing. Her lip swelled really badly and stayed that way for several days before going down and eventually she had bruising under and round her nose.
This is the step that she fell on and she hit the edge of the step right under her nose. I am sure that God was watching over her, thankfully she didn't land on her nose.
 About 45 minutes after she fell.
That night before bed.
The next morning.
There is no way I could have taken it as good as she did, she is amazing.
Last Friday was 3 weeks since she fell and she went to the dentist. They said they could see that there had been trauma to her upper gums and teeth, her teeth are still slightly loose but have tightened up alot in the past week. Her teeth may turn gray and need to be pulled but they didn't know. We were grateful for a good report and that she didn't have any cavities.
So a few highlights from October were:
We had our first frost.
We went to the pumpkin patch twice.
I had 6 photography shoots!
Almost have enough for a new camera put back from my photo shoots.
We fought through a nasty cold that was borderline pneumonia with prayer and doTerra essential oils. I am so excited about essential oils, I can't stop talking about them! Hope to write a blog post about them soon.
We love our church, it is such a blessing to us and has really changed our lives, another thing I can't stop talking about.
I became an aunt for the 6th time on my side of the family to my 6th niece.
I have been knitting, even sold a few of these sweet crowns. I absolutely love to knit and the crowns are a fast enough project for me to complete.
 I've started Christmas shopping and am so excited that it's November.
Joseph turns 8 on Thursday.
Bethany finished her 3rd grade Abeka book from last year so we moved on to Saxon 54 and it has been such a relief. Saxon makes us both happy!
Anne has started to pick up more words and will try saying words when asked. Last week, she started saying "Sissy" and will attempt Joseph, Jenna and Brady. She says poop, bye-bye, Mamma and Papaw and she still says "Hi" very sweetly and softly when she sees us. She started saying "Please" last night.
Anne is in the 25% for height and weight.
Brady is an all out mess, he tells everyone who will listen that his birthday is comin' up. He also added, "I wanna lotta stuff fer my birfday." He knows it's December 6th and also tells everyone that.
God provided for some needs we had and completely blew us away and reminded us once again that He is faithful and that He takes care of His children.
We went to our church's fall festival. Bethany was a Native American Indian, Joseph was an Army soldier, Jenna was a princess, Brady and Anne were cowboy and cowgirl.
One night last week, we had a special dinner to show love to our man that holds us all together. I worked with the kids to make a video of them describing Joe and what they love most about him. We ate pineapple upsidedowncake and the kids decorated the table and wrote him cards.
I wanted to share a link to a blog post that really spoke to me and has a great resource that I am excited to post on our fridge. I don't know about you but about this point in the school year, life gets kinda monotonous and I feel like I can't ever get caught up in any area of my life. I need to be diligent with pressing toward the mark in my disciplines as a Christian, a wife and mother. The words in the link were greatly encouraging and challenging to me.
November is off to a wonderful start, I am excited about a number of things from Joseph's birthday party on Saturday to Women of Faith in Louisville next weekend. I am always thankful for new beginnings, new seasons, this new month. I love this month of thankfulness, we are so very blessed.
Thanks for catching up a bit, it's been fun!


Nate and Erin said...

Shew- October was packed for you guys, though it sounded like tons of fun (minus Jenna's accident). Thanks for blogging. I just checked your blog yesterday to see no updates and was sad....so I was happy when I saw this post! It's so nice to be able to see pictures and hear stories (though I do follow you on Instagram and that's pretty cool too!).

Melissa Brady said...

Love this post. I didn't use to like October very much...not so any longer! :)