Thursday, November 7, 2013

Things I loved about today

1. Bethany waking up at 7:00 to make Joseph breakfast in bed for his birthday. Her excitement was so authentic as she sang him Happy Birthday with cha-cha-cha's and handed him a big bowl of oatmeal.

2. Anne pointing at the chair for me to sit so that I would hold her and rock her first thing this morning.
3. Jenna's conversation that went like this after she found out someone had 2 children. 
Jenna: "That's interesting."
Me: "Why do you say that?"
Jenna: "Because 2 kids would be pretty easy." {Jenna's words not mine! Nothing easy about one kid, not to mention two.}
Me: " How many kids do you want to have Jenna ?"
Jenna: "5."
Me: "Why?"
Jenna: "Because that would be more work but I like it."
And then she added, " But I don't want to have a C- section!!!"
We laughed and I asked if she knew what that meant and sure enough, she did!
4. Launching a rocket in the back yard powered by baking soda and vinegar with the birthday boy. 
5. Finding this note from Joseph to Bethany as I was making lunch. 
"Thank You  you 9 me 8 We Love Us"

6. Joseph's reaction when he opened his gift, getting to play Upward basketball. He was so happy he jumped in the air, then his eyes watered and ears turned red. I wasn't sure if he was happy or sad and trying to hide it at first, but he was so happy he couldn't speak. He cried happy tears, such a soft heart he has.

7. Playing spoons with the kids and Joe, so much fun and laughter. Jenna is the funniest little blonde ever! At the end of a game Joe asked, "Who had the Ace? I had three of them forever!" Jenna said,  "Oh, I  did! I was collecting the aces in my hand!" This happened again later in the night where Joe had 3 of one kind and Jenna was holding the fourth because it was the one she set out to collect!

 8. Today is Joseph's birthday, 8th. It just turned out that I am ending at 8, did not plan it this way. We laughed more today then we have in a long time, it was a perfect day celebrating our Jophie!! I love him something fierce!
My thinker, he's always, always thinkin'. Alot of his sentences start with "Mommy, I was thinkin'..." He is thinking about how things work, how to make something or build something or thinkin' about what he wants to do the next minute or the next day or sometime soon. I never knew a boy could be this sweet, he has to be the kindest boy a momma could ever have. I can't believe he's eight! I've been doing a lot of thinkin' myself and all I can think is thanks God for doing things your way and interrupting my plans with your bigger and better one. His life is always my reminder that God has so much for me if I'll only receive it and that the things we face and can't do alone God takes care of and then goes beyond that to make them into so much joy and happiness we never knew was waiting for us. My surprise baby, colic baby that screamed for the first 9 months of his life for me and only, always me. He is my undeserving gift from heaven. 

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