Friday, December 20, 2013

A few highlights from our week

Trying to get a picture of five children always proves to be a challenge. This was before the Christmas program.


 All of the kids did great in the Christmas program. Jenna is the only one who talked about being nervous. Joseph held to the fact that he was not nervous about his solo, but I think the deep breath when we walked to the microphone and before he started singing says alot. He controlled those nerves though, that is for sure. Bethany and he both did great.

We are so thankful for our church, it has been such a blessing to our family this year. All of us feel this way, at Thanksgiving the oldest kids all mentioned being thankful for our church. One of the biggest encouragements to our family is how accepted and welcome the people there have made us feel. There is a long list of reasons why we love it there but here is one, I never expected.
Bethany makes the comment often that at our previous church some people made negative comments about how many kids we have. She really takes the things people say to us and about her family personal. As adults we can discern people's disbelief and shock, regarding our family, as that and not as personal attack. I think for my older kids they just view it as, some one is saying they are not an individual who is special. At our new church there are many elderly people and they always have something kind to say about our big family, even younger people have been positive and that has made our kids feel very accepted and loved.

A few funny things the Bethany and Brady said lately...
The four oldest kids slept in the living room on the floor in the Christmas tree lights one night this week. The next morning Bethany said, "I slept like a giraffe in a doghouse!" I asked her where she heard that and she said she made it up.

We took Joe to work early this morning and as a treat I stopped by McDonald's to get the kids breakfast. They were all still in their pj's and under blankets and Bethany said, "This is like breakfast in bed!"

While on the road with the kids, we were behind a State Trooper and I told the kids he had a dog in the back. K-9 was written on the car and there was a liscense plate that said, Max. A few minutes passed and Brady asked, "Mommy, what did dat doggy do?" I told him he helped the policeman to be safe. After a minute to think, Brady said, "Oh, he's not goin' to jail? I thought him be naughty."


Mae said...

Let me preface this by saying...I'm not so technologically literate. I used to be!! But then I had kids, and tech has marched on without me for about thirteen years. HOW how do you get the picture to have twinkling lights in it? And the one with snow? I get it that it's an effect you added, but how/where/what?

Miranda Rose said...

It is a feature that Picasa automatically made for me when I uploaded my pictures to my web albums. I have to use Picasa since I use blogger. I have no idea how to do that without Picasa generating it on it's own. Really cool though!