Sunday, December 8, 2013

Good December Times

BradyBoy turned 3 on Friday! 3 years since the snowy night he was born after midnight and it snowed and iced on his birthday this year. Joe got to be home all day because he had a snow day, we stayed in and made pancakes for the birthday boy. Later in the day he and I made peanut butter cookies.
My sister made cookies at Thanksgiving and he told her they were good out of the blue and then asked her if they had peanut butter in them. They did, so when I asked him what kind of cookies he wanted to make on his birthday he said peanut butter and then told me again how good Aunt Carrie's cookies were.
Having a 3 year old is so very enjoyable. All eyes are watching for his unguarded thoughts to come across his face or we're listening closely lest we miss something too funny to be missed. Almost everything he says is cute. He loves to talk and go back and forth in conversation so it's easy to get him to make us laugh.
I took the clippers to his hair last week, per Joe's insisting. He had been insisting for months and I just couldn't bear the thought of it. I have so say that I really do like it though, he looks more like Joseph than I realized, especially when he was 2 3.
We put up our Christmas tree and I told him it's for Jesus' birthday. He is at the age were I am trying to intently help him understand why we celebrate Christmas and what this time of joy is truly about. A few days later, we were driving past a lot with Christmas trees and he asked, "Mommy can we go get me a tree?" I told him we had already gotten our tree and he said, "Affer Jesus' birfday is ober can we go get a tree fer my birfday?"

 I have always said he is a happy boy and he still continues to be just a bundle of joy, such a happy guy. He laughs and smiles and has fun all at a very rough and fast pace. He is a big boy, so stout and heavy. His will is strong but his sweetness equally as strong.
Right now he loves Mater from Cars, all things with wheels, tractors, trains, dump trucks, bulldozers, trucks and cars. Brady loves to help more than any of the other kids ever have, he enjoys working and is so pleased when he can help me do something.
Our entire weekend was full of wintery mix weather and cancelled plans due to the weather, which I always find more exciting than disappointing because I love the opportunity to slow down and spend extra time as a family doing fun things. We had a little birthday party with family for Brady on Saturday and today we went sledding at my parents. There is now better place to go sledding than home. So many good memories were made with my brothers and sister and friends sledding down their hills and now my kids get to go do the same thing.

 Such a blessed day! Bethany and Joseph look so big in these pictures but they also are acting bigger. Joseph was a little wild man sledding {my heart hasn't fully calmed yet} and Bethany was having fun and not worrying about getting hurt either.
Oh, and no iPhone pictures! I bought a new Canon, was able to get the one I have been wanting/needing for some time, with money I had saved up from photography shoots this fall. I am so grateful and in love!! Today was the first day I really used it.

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Melissa Brady said...

I remember on the night you went into labor with him we were decorating our Christmas tree. We decorated it on his birthday this year too. Reminded me of sweet Brady Boy!